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What is event blogging? Everything you need to know about Event Blogging.

Blogging can be a fashion to anyone. Blogging certain topics and photographs that you can publish. It also needs frequent updates on a topic which you are going to write. Usually it is done by a business or organisation that needs recognition in the online field. As a result, it brings income in return. Moreover, there are a lot of forms in blogging. One amongst them is event blogging. Without thinking let’s dive into the topic of event blogging.

What is event blogging?


According to sources we know that ” Event blogging is micro niche blogging with bloggers write on a specific topic of an event”. As we also talk and that it is a major source of income. Did you know that it is also said that you can earn money just by doing event blogging.

But everything is not easy in this competitive world and everything requires hard work. Usually, event blogging is something that one can do and earn money in a short time but it is not regular.

Event management is done by keeping a specific event or time of the year that can bring lots of income. It covers all the events such as cultural, national, social and traditional events. Job of an event blogger is to put genuine information about such an event that he chooses to put. You might be wondering what is the use and people already know about such events? But did you know people around the world are now using the internet more than asking out people? Interested in other countrie’s events also, these event blocks can provide you all the information that you are looking for. 


With time and patience, blocks can become popular. And we can earn profit from blogging. Now the let us talks about the benefit that an event blogging can bring. 

  • The main aim of event blogging is that you can generate or attract traffic to your website when the event date is near or on the event which generates income.
  • Regular blogs need frequent updating and event blogs do not need updated frequently. They just need to be posted on or before the event takes place.
  • With event blogging you also have social media presence and your brand exposure is vast. Moreover, you can gain followers in social media.
  • You can promote certain products that are in sync with the upcoming event.

Even if they give you income and you do hard work for event blogging there are certain things to keep in mind

event blog

1. Knowing about national festivals: 

While doing a niche for event blogging one has to know about every seasonal festival, why it is in this time of a season, why it is celebrated in the first place and also it is important to know about the importance and teacher of these. events.

2. Niche

One needs to be aware of the key word and its ranking so that one could drive huge traffic to your website or blog. The bloggers should know the Trends of data and current information regarding any event.

3. Search tracking

In this method, one needs to know about the product that a company can offer in regards to the event. Bloggers need to collect information regarding keywords by searching on all the different sides. A blogger can know about the product which is in sync with the event. Moreover, he needs to analyse all the keywords and filter them and choose from them so that it could drive traffic to a blog. Moreover, he can also sponsored the company ads to your blog.

4. Others include having a clear and interesting topic that attracts an audience. Also one you should do a lot of research before posting over topic. Make it attractive and useful images.

Hope this article helps in any way! 

That’s all folks!!

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Organic and paid search results: A primer

What do these terms mean?

Organic and paid search results have a few similarities along with a few differences. It is not difficult to differentiate between paid and organic search results. Paid search results are generally seen to be on top. These search results can be distinguished on the basis of the small tag saying ‘Ad’ or something similar. Even though paid search results don’t appear to fall under traditional marketing, it is a kind of an advertisement. This advertising industry is so huge that Google’s 97% of revenue comes from paid search results.

Organic search results on the other hand are unpaid search results. Organic search results come up just below the paid search results. Naturally, these search results do not have the ‘Ad’ tag beside them. Google organizes these search results taking into account multiple factors. These factors vary from the quality of content to the usage of certain keywords. Other factors such as meta-description, URL and catch-phrases also make a difference.

Why choose either of them?

While organic results try to outrank other similar results according to what the search engine algorithm prefers, it can take some time to master it. Fortunately, there are Search Engine Optimization sites to help you with it. More importantly, these SEOs are free and easily available. Of course, there is a difference between paid and free services in these SEOs too. It is important to highlight that it can be quite tricky to master the usage of SEOs. It can take a long time to navigate through this space to actually know what works and what doesn’t. This is the main reason why people resort to professionals when it comes to handling their website’s optimization.

Paid results on the other hand can be quick in rewarding you with returns and gains. Paid results will reap you instant rewards with an improved burst of traffic to your webpage. As expected though, these rewards are strictly restricted to the amount of money you are willing to pay. The duration and the extent of advertisement campaign is dependent upon your financial capacity.

Your webpage can take anywhere between 2 weeks to a couple of months for it to rank organically. Contrastingly, it can take approximately half an hour for your link to go live if you opt for paid search results.

Best of both worlds

While this may seem like a debate to prove one system more effective than the other, the reality is that it’s always preferable to reap benefits from both the systems. Paid search results is an effective approach for webpages looking for an explosive growth. It is advisable to use the paid search results for the a period of time until your webpage has a considerable amount of traffic. Even though organic search results give webpages more credibility and a stable traffic, it is also true that this traffic isn’t created in a vacuum. Once your webpage reaches a particular amount of online traffic, switching to organic results would not be a bad business decision.


10 Tips and Trick for Whatsapp.

Social Media is a must to possess in this digital world. It is personal and can be used in any means possible. In today’s world, even the social media apps keep updatingand new features keep on adding. For insatnce, let’s talk about whatspp. It is an app used for messaging  and video conferrecing and keping a track of what is happening in ours and our contact daily lives. Whatsapp before facebook urchades was not the same as how it is now. There used to be no status option and much more. There are certains tips and tricks in using whatspp. Here are 10 tips and tricks:

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks.



When someone sends you a picture the message gets instantly downloaded and you can view the image instantly. Moreover, as days pass the picture get auto downloaded even when you dont use whatsapp. It only need a bit of data. The solution for this is turning of your auto download option available in your whatsapp.

Step: Go to whatsapp Menu > setting > storage and media > media auto download. And then turn off the auto downloading aption.

It saves you from unnecessary storage the downloaded images take place. Once you deactivate auto downloa dthe image only download when you personally click on it.


Did you know that there is an optionin Whatsapp with which you can only reply  to that message.  You might be wondering if everyone can do that, it’s simple. But it needs a little trick to be done. You can do it in 2 ways 

One: Go to any chat in whatsapp > select the message by holding it for a long time > in the top of the chat 5 symbols are displayed > click on left turn arrow mark > an dthe reply box is directed to the message.

Two: Go to whatsapp chat> just swipe the message from left to right and the message is directed to the reply box.

This reply option to only a particular message is helpful to reply to a particular message that has been so long to answer.


When you send a text message or picture in WHtapp. How do we know that the message is reached to them and they read the message. It is throught the tick marks. If there is a single tick the message reched but the user in not online if there are two tick. Then the user is online but still did not see your message. If there are 2 blue ticks then the  user saw your message. 

Some of youmight prefer going anonymous in viewing some one status. So you can diable read receipt. now you can view the message you received but the other person geting does not know the you saw theri message. For them it is still 2 plain ticks even if you saw their message.

Step: go to Whatsapp setting . account > privacy> read recipient should is diabled.


The default setting might always be boring if you typing asettain notice in the chat box. For instance, there are also different formats in highlighting your text message to make a message more meaningful.

Some of the formats are.

  • For bold text : use  ‘*’ in the beginning an dending of the text. For example, *any word*.
  • italics font : use ‘_’. For example _anytext_.
  • strikethrough: use ‘~’. For example, ~anyword~.
  • mono space text use ‘. for example, ‘anytext’.


Someone is creating fuss in keping track of your whatsapp usage or else you are gettin unnecessary attention when you are using whatsapp. You can just disable your last seen. By disabling last seen only can ot view the time you exit whatsapp. They only shown that you are online

Step: whatsapp menu > setting > privacy > click on last seen > click on nobody. And now you are good to go no can keep a record of your whatsapp tiing now.


How o one send their location? Then you might thinkgoogle maps is the key. For that you need to excit your Whatsapp search for the location then share it to your contact list. But now that is not needed. So, If you are waiting for a frend in a particular place and she is unable to find it then you can send your location to our friends via whaspp also.

Step: go to the individual chat box > click on paperclip >  then a lot of adoption open > clik on location > send your location to your friend.


There are important messages that are useful to you anytim. And you now need not worry of keeping track aboutthe date in your mnd and scroll through the chat for so long. For instance, in a live chat if you feel that this message might be helpful to me in future or any upcoming day. You can just star them and store them.

Step: To star the message long press on the message: then top the chat 4 symbols willbe displayed > then choose the star option > and your message is starred.

How to view starred message: o to whats app menu> click on starred messages> then you are good to go.


This is the latest feature in Whatsapp. If you enable a disappearing images to an individual chat. The message sent in a particular day, will disappear after 7 days. For understanding mroe about diaapearing message click here.


You want to make only your chat disappear from your whatsapp chat diplay page for a short span of time. Then you can archive your chats. Archive dosent mean deleting the chat. It is just disappearing from the chat for a short period.

Step:to archive a chat. Go to whatspp> select a chat box that you want to hide> then toward the top few symbols are displayed > click on the downward aromark on a box> then your chat is archived.

To view archived chats or to unarchive: scroll to the top of the chat>  clik on archived>  select the contact> click on the upward arrow mark among the symbols. Then the chat is unarchieved.


If you are tensed about the pop up notification of whatsapp on a screen when you give your phone to the children of your friend. Now one likes displaying their privacy to anyone. Even the person seeing other people’s chats might feel embarrassed. To  solve this problem there is a way in whatspp.

Step: Go to whatspp menu> stetting > notifications > toggle off show notifications.

This is all about the tricks and tips of whatsapp. Not only magic can play tricks and tips on you, even whatsapp can do it.

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Youtube exec

Why is YouTube marketing so important?

The most important quality to possess in order to be successful online is to have engaging content. This content can take any form of your liking or preference. However, in the digital age video-watching platforms are the networks to exploit. YouTube, which is undoubtedly the most popular video-watching platform in the world is the most appropriate place to start. The level of engagement you can accrue from YouTube is unimaginable and naturally, incredibly profitable. There is a reason why YouTube is a haven for small businesses and startups. This is because of the low amounts of investment and high returns. But how does it happen and why is YouTube marketing so important?

Organic growth

The YouTube algorithm is designed in a manner which pushes more traffic where there is more traffic. This amps up the importance of a viral video. It is very difficult to divert traffic on a particular topic from one popular video to another. What this means is that if you manage to gather a fairly decent number of views on your channel, this will automatically pull more traction. Traction on a YouTube video automatically has an impact on the organic results of search engines like Google. This way, you not only climb on top of the organic traffic results on YouTube but also occupy a better spot on other search engines.

This is extremely important because numbers show the importance of organic results over paid results. 70%-80% of the searchers ignore paid ads and paid links and prefer clicking on organic search results. Your content on YouTube can be extremely funny or can tap into a controversial trend that is popular right now. To know more about viral marketing, click here’.

Reach new audiences

This point stems out from the point mentioned above. YouTube’s demographic overwhelmingly consists of young adults aged 18-24. Truly taking advantage of the generation of online consumers, growth in organic results will help you reach new audiences and preferably to younger audiences. The easiest way to popularize your business online is to reach the youngest demographic of your consumer-group and YouTube provides you with the perfect platform to do so.

Another important factor to consider here is the integrated nature of YouTube with other social media platforms. A popular video on YouTube will not only garner more numbers on Google but its effects will spill over to Facebook and Twitter too.

Your space

Last but not the least, YouTube as a platform gives you the space and time to upload relevant content at your own pace. You own your channel and therefore you are completely in control of this major flow of traffic. It gives you the opportunity to upload whatever you think will be relevant for your audience and as a result, garner more attention.

Simply attaching a link on top of the video screen allows you to pull more attention. The act of attaching that link allows you a better chance to convert a lead. Add to that the credibility that your YouTube channel would offer to your business is astonishing which should answer the question, why is YouTube marketing so important.


Digital marketing for logistics companies

Digital marketing for logistics companies was not seen as an important component. But with the advent of the internet more logistics companies are investing in digital marketing. In a survey targeted at South Asian enterprises, it was found that more than 65% of them prioritize real-time marketing strategies and almost 52% of them depend on both offline and online techniques. Although it is generally accepted now that digital marketing is important in every sector, it is becoming even more important in the logistics businesses. That is precisely why digital marketing for logistics companies is so important.

AI to fine-tune advertisements

Existence of Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for such companies to track cookies to understand their customer’s preferences. Added to that, it is also an efficient way to create new opportunities and maintain customer relationships. People who choose to come to your website can be shown advertisements according to their inclinations. Customers interested in office equipment will be sent ads related to cheap office equipment. Others who are interested in virtual internships can be shown spaces with vacancies.


Another way to channel your advertisement resources is by retargeting. Retargeting is to focus advertisements on customers who have already spent on that particular product or service. There is a list of retargeting software available for businesses. Software such as ‘AdRoll‘ and and ‘Leadfeeder‘ are the best in the market.

Marketing Automation Software

Logistics is one of the fastest growing sectors in Asia. As of 2017, the Asia-Pacific logistics market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% till 2025. This means that for a logistics company, it is highly important to be equipped with the necessary advancements in the market. Surprisingly, very few companies use software such as Marketing Automation Software. In a survey conducted on 20 logistics companies in Florida, it was found that barely 5% of the companies used Marketing Automation Software. This software can help you automate mundane marketing activities which need to be repeated. These activities can be sending emails and uploading posts on social media platforms.

Customer Relationship Management

There is overwhelming proof supporting the efficiency of Marketing Automation Software. Businesses using them are almost 70% more efficient in converting leads. A ‘Customer Relationship Management’ software makes it significantly easier to manage customer relationships. This software monitors the way customers interact with your organization and optimizes that data for your benefit.

Optimizing digital marketing techniques for logistics companies is one of the most important ways to grow as a business.

apps for graphic desin

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Graphic Work.

Anything can be boring without art. Even in the books we read we must have images or illustrations or else we get distracted. Unless, you are a bookworm. Similarly, in the worl og computerized technology we can’t just use text for content or for a logo. We have to make it attractive with different graphics and design. Graphic design is something that is used to communicate with photos, colors , typography and with designs. For instance, in the past graphics were done only on desktop or PCs. But thanks to the evolution of technology. Now, graphics can also be found in our apps. Here arethe 5 mobile apps for graphic work.



adobe illustrator draw
apps for graphics

Adobe is always there for graphic designers no matter where or when. Now, the illustrator draw came into our mobile phones and made it easy. It is a vector based program basically made for touch screen devices like smartphones or tablet PCs. 

You can slo post designs one social media and get feedback from the other users. It is also free to use. And simple to use.

Adobe Ilustrator Draw

2.INFINITE DESIGN (apps for graphic work)

mobile app for grahic work
infinte design

Infinite design is an image editing app and aslo ha various drawing tools that help in graphic work.you can also export files easily into .jpg and .png format. It also helps us to share them through any social media accounts.

Moreover, one can also add multiple layers on a single image. You can also save the layers that you want and reuse them again for another editing function. With infinie design one can create shapes, forms and visula effects. It is also free to you.

Infinite Design


app fo rgraphic

Canva is a very famous app for mobile edits. Also, they are used to create wedding invites, Business cards and for posters. It is a simple graphic tool app for our mobile. And also it has layouts that helps you tomake your own images with different text and fonts. You can drag and drop images the way you desire. They have designs for all popular social media apps. It is easy to use to the extinct that pne need not have experience in using tit.


4.SKETCHBOOK (apps for graphic works)

sketch book
apps for graphic work

Just like all the mobile apps for graphic work the app, sketchbook is easy to use. One can use different contrasts of colors . in a design, you can layer things easily and also they can be edited and some can be deleted too. It also has the option to save the media to our devices. And it is also great for beginners. The tools in sketchbook are close to natural tools. It is for those who like paper kind of feel.

sketch book


apps for graphic work

The app Desiygner is initially for bloggers , writers and social media marketers. With designer one can produce images, flyers, posters, ads. We can also share the images in the social media for feedback and there are a lot of images available in social networks . with this one could develop their skill. The images can also be saved to our gallery. Moreover, it is fre to use.


Mobile apps made it easy for everyone not only for business, students, marketers but also contributes a lot for graphic work. Now one need not worry for a desktop to become agraphic designer. But it can also be possible with mobile or tablet PCs. 

That is all for tofay.

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Basics of viral marketing

In a world without the internet, marketing was reliant mainly on word of mouth. Aggressive marketing would require brands to invest heavily on physical handouts and personal interactions. It all changed with the emergence of the internet. Like all the other things, the internet improved the ability to amplify noise. Marketing techniques responded to this change by adapting to the amplifying ability of the internet. Marketing companies adapting to this change resulted in emergence of techniques such as viral marketing. Viral marketing is an evolved version of what used to be ‘word of mouth’ marketing. To understand this better, here is a brief explanation of the basics of viral marketing.

Dominating public discourse

Viral marketing, very similar to ‘word of mouth’ marketing, is dependent on people interacting with the product and spreading information. The difference lies in the manner in which such information is spread. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram play a huge role here. Viral marketing tries to offer something interesting for free. It can be a song or a short film or maybe a provocative poster. Any piece of content associated with a brand or a product which people find interesting and worth sharing will contribute to the product’s marketing.

One of the many examples is that of Gillette. Gillette in 2019 released a video on toxic masculinity and how our culture glamorizes it. The video went absolutely viral because of the backlash it received from conservative groups and also because of the praise it got from millions of people. The campaign turned into the most dominating conversation in public discourse. As a result, people on social media platforms marketed Gillette by talking about it.

Cheap and effective

The above example shows us how incredibly effective viral marketing can be. Added to that, the advantage of being cheap makes it even more appealing. Gillette did not spend a single penny to people to talk about their advertising campaign on social network. People on the internet did it for Gillette. However, this was not the first time a company opted for this technique. A similar tactic was adapted earlier by ‘Old Spice’ in 2010 where it intended to establish that their products make the man in the advertisement more desirable than the viewers’ partners. This video was strategically targeted at teens and young adults. The intentional appeal to desirability exploited young adults’ need for validation and in return made the brand extremely popular.

Due to the low cost and investment required to make something internet-popular, smaller businesses are choosing this technique more often. To be able to weaponize a trend for your company’s benefit is a skill which many companies are attempting to master. Many companies fail to do it because of the lack of understanding of the basics of viral marketing.


How to activate a banned ads account on Facebook

When it comes to advertisements which violate Facebook’s rules of conduct, it is very difficult to activate a banned ads account on Facebook. It goes to the extent of maintaining a database of digital footprints which prevents people from re-running the banned advertisements again from different accounts. Facebook can either disapprove your advertisement or straight away ban your ads account. Facebook doesn’t take the step of banning an account unless it receives multiple reports of violations.

Banned ads account

We are going to focus on banned ad accounts of Facebook. If the banned ads account is a personal ads account the only way to get it back is to be persistent with the appeals process. People have had to wait for weeks to get their accounts reinstated. The appeals process will make you talk to Facebook support multiple times. It can be a tiring process but it is worthwhile if it gets your ads account reinstated. However tiring it might seem to be. the most successful appeals are the ones which accept and acknowledge the breach of rules and commit to never repeat them. This is the only legitimate way you can activate a banned ads account on Facebook.

If the appeals process fails

If the above appeals process doesn’t bear any fruits then, there are ways to get around the hindrance. The most common and effective method to re-run your advertisements is to ask someone else do it. This is important because, as mentioned before it is not possible to start a new account yourself for those advertisements. Asking someone else to do it is one of the most effective ways to get around this problem. Getting someone you trust to start a business manager account is the first step which needs to followed up by them giving you administrator privileges for that account. This solves the problem because of the change in IP address and the usage of a different digital footprint. This doesn’t leave an alternative to trying to activate a banned ads account on Facebook.

Be sure about the problem

Remember, this will work only when you know for sure that your advertisements are not problematic. Most people don’t realize if it was the general negative feedback or a specific ad post which caused the problem. To get to the root of the problem, you should first try to run the same advertisement from a different ads account before resorting to the steps mentioned above. This will help you in isolating the problematic element. This is important to prevent it from recurring in other business manager accounts.

This is also a big reason why running ad accounts through a business manager account is significantly easier. It is difficult to deal with a personal ad account getting banned because of how closely it is scrutinized by Facebook. This is done to avoid the same person from trying to rerun the ad again from a different account. You won’t have this problem if you have a business manager account.

facebook ads

Different types of campaigns in Facebook Ads.

As we know to bring leads and audience to a site or company marketing is essential. Digital marketing plays an important role in sales and traffic. And aslo a marketing campaign is a campaign that a company putforward to attract the traffic to a website or bringing finances to the company. Among such ads facebook ads are different from google ads or website ads. It needs new understanding.

Facebook ads need new learning and analysis as they focus on attracting ustoers that help in your business or website. Moreover, if you didnot go business in facebook. Go to business.facebook.com and create a business page as soon as possible. 

When a team or comapny needs action, one needs to plan and prepare and establish a campaign. So a campaign is established when a company needs to reach a particular goal and action to lead. In Facebook ads campaigns mostly one need to focus on the structure of ACC

  • A-Awarness
  • C-Consideration
  • C-Conversion

In Awarness, on indeed to focus on making the people awar of the brand. Moreover, some people do not know about your company brand. So, one needs to advertise with pop up images that standout, and also with short video sponsored ads and aslo tragetin g your local audience.

In Consideration, one needs to focus on ads that have already gained customers. Here your target is the people that already know of your brand. All you have to do is provide them with information. This type of ads are best suited to blogs and websites. For the ads in Facebook one needs to have a high quality larger image.

In Conversion, one needs to aim at making the customers buy or make a purchase from your company. Here are ads that could make you buy directly on Facebook without keving it. It also helps you to track the sales of the company hteough facebook.

In simple language or terms, the campaign in which the company gain audience that which dosent know about their brand, it is called cold campaign.

And the marketing that does ads for the audience who already know is called remarketing campaign.


Image and Video in facebook ads

vieo fb ad
image facebook ads

Images are a source of proof that one thing exists. When we are imagining something or buying something, we need something visual that could satisfy the thing we are imagining. In this aspect, images play an important role. In facebook image ads can lead the users to go check out the website.

Video ads also help in visualing an object that we want; it shows different features than images and could bring different leads to the company or sight.

Carousel Ads

carousel image ads

Just like image ads in Facebooks ads. Carousel ads also help in our visula things that help in incrasinf traffic to the website. Carousel ads contain multiple images in asingle ad and also text posts that describe the main features of the services they are offering throught the post.

Instant Experience ads

facebook ads

These types of ads are only suitable for mobile and are not available in PC. through this ad one can watch what a company is offering with a short video. If the company is offering various tea . it shows about various tea and theie visulas.

Collection Ads in facebook ads

A collection is a collection of ads in a single post that Facebook could offer. It has images, carousel images, video and also instant ads experience with the direct link to the site. You can shop directly on facebook.

New Lead ads.

faceboos ad new leads

It is lke a customer service or something like a youtube bell icon that tells us there are new things in the subscribed site. By this one need to give their email so that the company could give information to the subscribed user and bring new leads.

So this is all about facebook ad campaigns. That’s all folks.

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5 best platforms for freelancers

Freelance jobs are becoming more and more popular with the growth of the ‘gig economy‘. To be able to work at your own pace and be involved in projects at your own volition is an incredible way to earn. Companies are leaning more towards the freelancer market because of how cheap it is to get their work done through a freelancer. Keeping all the benefits aside, it can be quite difficult to navigate the online space to find a freelancing job with a good pay because of the competition involved. To make that journey easy for you, here are the 5 best platforms for freelancers.

1. Toptal

Toptal claims to be a freelancing platform offering the top 3% of the freelancing talent. While some may argue that the platform doesn’t contain a wide variety of job titles, it is definitely worth checking out if your preferred job description falls under any of these categories: developers, finance experts, designers, product managers and project managers. ‘Toptal’ aims to create a solid long term relationship with its freelancers and if you’re looking for a constant flow of high-paying freelance jobs, this is it.

2. Fiverr

If you’re looking for smaller jobs and those small ‘one-time gigs’ then Fiverr is your pick of the lot. Fiverr is diverse in terms of the jobs it offers. It is a trusted marketplace for freelance services and has been proving its worth for the last ten years. Fiverr also has a ‘Fiverr Pro’ feature if you’re looking for the top layer of the freelance gigs. It can even be argued that due to its diversity, it is even better than ‘Toptal’ but whatever the case maybe, it is definitely one of the 5 best platforms for freelancers.

3. Upwork

One of the oldest online marketplaces for freelance services, ‘Upwork‘ is the next platform on the list. Formerly known as ‘Elance-oDesk’, ‘Upwork Global Inc.’ claims to have 18 million freelancers registered on the platform. A big chunk of this 18 million consists of Indians on the platform. This California-based company hosts approximately 6 million clients worldwide and is a guaranteed place to get a decent gig for freelancers.

4. PeoplePerHour

This UK-based company is unique in its own way. It is most well-known for its hourly job openings for freelance work. The platform provides an opportunity to the freelancers to set their working conditions and negotiate with potential employers. This platform is mostly opted for by small and medium sized startups who prefer growing flexibly. This makes it to the 5 best platforms for freelancers because of the predominance of hourly job openings.

5. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com was founded in 2009 and has witnessed steady growth ever since. Growth of this platform comes to us as no surprise because of the kind of interface it provides for freelancers and potential employers to connect. It allows employers to post job openings for which freelancers bid to occupy. This ‘tender-process’ to get a job opening is unique to this Australian company. The platform takes 10% of the cut which can be reduced if the the member chooses to opt for a monthly-subscription based membership.