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Digital strategies for market dominance

Grabbing the market to cater and expand your business is what every business should keep in mind. Eventually proliferating your business is what matters for achieving market dominance. Here are a few parameters to keep in mind:

Reshaping the landscape

The new economics of cyberspace has call business players to re-define their market definitions. Segmentation in the market will disappear, as product will appear personal. Products, which developed with new tools, will enable each customer to customize to meet their needs. Therefore, your product must meet personal requirement. Eventually communities of value will replace brand, which recommend and grow their own brand for specific product therby achieving market dominance.

Building New Connection

The new relationships require new, dramatically different connections that will bind you to business partners in ways that are as rich as the physical ties that hold your organization together today. The difference is that tomorrow’s interfaces will be virtual, adherents rather than victims of the Law of Disruption.

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learning interface

In designing learning interface, start with the customer’s viewpoint as only part of the solution. The interface must provide customer with the most comfortable operating procedure from the old world to the new. Eventually the secret was developing the interface for the customer, not the company. The interface is the tool to ensure continuity for customer. This is the strategy being followed by the best of the banking and retail sites on the Web today.

Digitization of information

The new forces, led by the digitization of information, make it both possible and necessary to operate in smaller, more focused and more flexible units. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and the self-employed, who don’t have infrastructures to dismantle, are taking advantage of inexpensive new technologies for collaboration as quickly as they are developed. Firms with no offices, no fixed employee bases, and no physical presence to speak of, are furthermore already making effective use of the Internet and related technologies to compete head-on with traditional firms. They give away as much information as they have which show their advantage of being digital. Meanwhile, customers give back more than what they take away.


How to define your app strategy

Mobile app stores have fast sprung up during the last few years. The large number of apps in these application stores results in increased search effort for the customer. As well as fierce competition leading to poorer revenues for both app stores as well as developers. Therefore, app stores allow developers to resort to bundling apps so as to increase the revenues and improve customer loyalty.

Content of the app

The type of application that one might use should depend on what type of content will be displayed on the app. This can include data, videos, statistics and much more. A visually appealing app needs to be content friendly. Also keep in mind that in near future you might decide to change a little set up of information on your on going application. That time your app should be enough user content friendly to incorporate those changes.

Purpose of the app

The second thing to keep in mind while devising a application strategy is the fact that you need to be clear about the purpose of the application. Is your application just for information purpose or is it a product selling application? Eventually you would have to determine what the overall purpose of your application is. Depending upon this you can define and curate your application according to your business requirements.

5 Important Pointsforthe Best Mobile App Development Strategy

The most important aspect of determining any application strategy is the most important key player. The audience is the final pillar that defines what type of application you would set up. If your audience tends to prefer a visual representation, the app should contain more of infographics and images. If they like reading paragraphs, you should include data, statistics in the form of articulated content. Overall what the audience wats is what you exactly give them.

Organization must review their business operation model, reconstruction of interface for
better relationship with customer, supplier, and business partner, and create value
generating product to unleash their apps


Kinds of Threat Intelligence to prevent business digitally

A strong security system of threat intelligence is very essential for ever-growing threats to businesses. Cyber attacks & its threat are increasing problems for businesses. We often listen about businesses paying fines and even winding up their businesses due to systems being hacked.

The four kinds of threat intelligence are strategic, tactical, technical, and operational


Strategic cyber threat intelligence generally dedicated to a non-technical audience. It utilizes nitty-gritty analyses of patterns. And arising threats to make an overall image of the potential results of a cyberattack. A few examples are whitepapers, policy documents, and in-house publications.


Tactical threat intelligence gives more details on the problem actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures, known as TTP. It especially intends for a technical audience. And eventually encourages them to see how their organization may be assaulted. Based on the most recent techniques attackers use to achieve their goals. They search for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) proof like IP locations, URLs, and systems logs to use to help identify future data breaches. Strategic, proof-based system is typically dedicated to security groups or people engaged in network security services.

Cyber threat intelligence sharing: Survey and research directions -  ScienceDirect

Technical threat intelligence centers around the technical hints. Generally of cybersecurity threats similar to the titles to phishing messages or false URLs. It is significant as it gives individuals a clue of what to search for, which as a result is helpful for social engineering attacks. Nonetheless, since hackers switch up their strategies, methods, and systems often, it has a short life of realistic usability. 


Operational threat intelligence relates to threats uncovered before they happen. It is more of spy stuff like getting into hacker chat rooms. Operational threat provides information much before the threat or attack occurs. 

All things considered, all aspects of cyber threat knowledge are vital for an extensive threat review and assessment.


What is Cyber Threat Intelligence for digital business?

Cyber Threat Intelligence identifies cyber threats that are aimed at any particular business. IT specialists and complex tools can read and analyze the threats.

What is cyber threat intelligence?

Cyber threats aimed at business are identified by Threat Intelligence. Therefore IT specialists and complex tools can read and analyze the threats. This information helps to plan, forestall, and recognize cyber threats. Hoping to exploit important organization’s assets.

Eventually threat Intelligence collects and compiles the raw data about the threats emerging from different sources.

Cyber threats can be truly terrifying. Cyber threat knowledge can help associations obtain important information about these threats, build successful defense equipment and relieve the threats that could harm their reputation.

People often confuse between Cyber Security terms such as Threat Intelligence and Threat Data. Threat data is a list of likely threats. Furthermore, For instance, Facebook feeds are like a running list of possible issues. It is Threat Intelligence when IT specialists and exclusive complex tools can read and analyze the threats/attacks. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI): Planning and Direction
Why is threat intelligence important for businesses?

Threat Intelligence is a vital part of any cybersecurity. A cyber threat intelligence program sometimes called CTI, can: 

Prevent data loss
With a very much organized CTI program set up, your organization can spot cyber threats hence keep data breaches from leaking critical information. 

Give guidance on security measures
By distinguishing and dissecting threats, CTI spots designs utilized by hackers. CTI assists organizations with setting up security standards to protect against future cyber assaults and threats.

Educate others
Hackers are smarter than before. Besides, To keep up, cybersecurity specialists share the strategies they’ve seen with the IT people group to make a  communal database to battle cybercrimes and cybersecurity threats.


Advancements in digital marketing

In business markets, firms operating in developing economies deal advancements are likely to take place. This happens with burgeoning use of the internet, new electronic purchase methods. And a wide range of social media and online sales platforms. However for firm-initiated (i.e., paid media, owned media, and digital inbound marketing). The pattern of influence in the market is still unclear . And also for market-initiated (i.e., earned social media and organic search) digital communications on B2B sales and customer acquisition.


Gamification is an emerging digital marketing trend that incorporates game features into a website. This is a bit of an oversimplification. To increase customer loyalty, brand awareness, and sales all the things that make games engaging, addictive, and fun are now being used as marketing strategies for businesses. As 80 percent of smartphone users use their phone to play mobile games, it’s easy to see how gaming can be a draw in e-commerce, too. If more than 75 percent of your traffic comes from smartphones and mobile devices, or your analytics show a consistent rise in mobile traffic to your website, mobile-first design may be right for your business’s website.

Key Digital Marketing Agendas That Successful businesses Are Using | by  Evans Craig | Marketing And Growth Hacking
Mobile first websites

More websites are created with a mobile-first design With the decline of desktop usage and the prevalence of smartphones for the majority of our internet browsing. This can consist of touchscreen-friendly navigation, streamlined navigation menus, less text-heavy content, and functions like collapsible menus. The experience of mobile users is a bit tailored though.

Online advertising

This shift is even more dramatic in emerging markets because the rise in social media usage. And online advertising is the fastest advancements in these markets. Moreover, B2B e-business is outgrowing B2C due to the mobile usage of B2B applications. Customer demand is the prime priority. The marketing strategy that one chooses should directly depend on the demand itself.


Benefits of video marketing on YouTube.

YouTube’s vast and engaged user base makes it central to firms’ digital marketing effort. With extant studies focusing on viewers’ post-view engagement behavior we know how using YouTube motivated people. But accordingly research into what motivates viewers to click on and watch YouTube videos is scarce.  Furthermore There are a plethora of benefits that video marketing on YouTube:


With YouTube’s expanding role in firms’ digital marketing mix, greater research attention is being devoted to YouTube marketing. As well as examining its various facets including the virality of YouTube videos. Here are a few statistics taken from a recent research done by Columbia University on how video marketing is affecting people:

  1. 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video.

2. 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

3. 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

4. 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video.

How to Drive More Sales Using an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy
Visually appealing

Firms implement customer engagement initiatives to extract resource contributions from customers defined customer engagement initiatives as “a firm’s deliberate effort to motivate, empower, and measure a customer’s voluntary contribution to the firm’s marketing functions beyond the core, economic transaction” discussed customer engagement in terms of explicit firm strategies that foster online customer participation: “for example, by asking customers to share a viral marketing campaign, to ‘like’ the brand on Facebook, or to engage in a firm-sponsored online community”.

Easy to use

From the customers’ perspective, customer engagement has been viewed as customers’ favorable behavior toward a brand  eventually provided a comprehensive framework of customers’ engagement practices that included viewing, liking and sharing online brand content. Creating user-generated content, such as blog posts, product reviews and brand-related videos; and participating in brand communities. Customers participate in these practices because they find them intrinsically motivating or derive social and utilitarian values out of them.


Misleading perceptions about digital marketing

Digitalization is continuously forming our daily lives and routines. It offers us not only new and fascinating
opportunities as consumers. But also creates possibilities unavailable to companies. Digital marketing as a new medium in various business contexts has received much attention among researchers and practitioners. There are a few perceptions that people have about digital marketing that tend to be misleading.

Digital marketing costs more

Cos efficiency is one of the factors that determines your marketing strategy. There exists a myth that digital marketing has more money involved than traditional marketing. Eventually if a person understands the concept of digital marketing, it becomes obvious that it has benefits in the long run.

Digital marketing is not beneficial for micro-enterprises

A lot of people believe that digital marketing is only meant for big companies. Small scale business and micro enterprises should not indulge in it. Well the reality is that digital marketing helps small scale business the most. It ensures that they can reach their rightful audience without any haphazard actions. Eventually Digital marketing has a huge impact on the functioning of small scale business.

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It does not create a brand name

When examining the new micro-enterprises’ objectives for digital marketing, new customer acquisition, maintenance and development of customer relationships, and brand creation are the ones that stand out. These findings correspond to previous studies’ perceptions about the possibilities of digital marketing and its tools in terms of building customer relationships and brands.

It is time consuming

If done properly, digital marketing requires a steady yet less time. Traditional marketing can increase costs and the capabilities in targeting also tend to vary when considering different channels. Additionally, banner advertising is perceived as more suitable for the B2C market than the B2B market. All this makes traditional marketing quite cumbersome and less efficient.


Benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing

The information technology improvements and broad band internet service spreading has lead to speed of access to websites and other digital resources. Because of these changes, companies unavoidably have entered to digital environment. Thus, while communication rules change, field and definition of marketing changes too. With the development of IT technologies, traditional marketing methods leave have been replaced by digital day by day. Companies which follow technology can easily communicate with customers interactively while providing products or services. There are a lot of benefits that digital marketing has over traditional marketing viz:

Reaching a wide variety of audience

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is to be able to reach the target audience by using ınteractive media. Digital marketing has certain models developed to have the most efficient results . Customer loyalty is achieved when the demands and needs of the customer are heard.

Mutual communication

Researches show that companies efficiently using online marketing cares deeply about mutual communication in an aim of increasing customer loyalty and commitment. Eventually addition to all these, digital media provides advantage in competition, decreases personnel expanse and advertising cost.

The Importance of Online Marketing to Entrepreneurs | California SEO  Professionals |
Easy access to information

Nowadays, customers have all the information they need about the products or services at their feet thanks to the Internet. As a result of this fact, they can easily compare products and services and therefore reach a quick decision about which ads to purchase. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are available 24/7.

Status quo

Furthermore, basic problems such as distribution, storage, payment and security have been overcome now. Infrastructure investments has lead to a better delivery system. Shipping and cargo transactions are now being handled smoothly.

Easy promotions

the process of decision making in purchasing has become much less difficult for promotional videos and comments about the products help customers decide.


3 reasons to have a strong customer support

The quality of a Web-based customer support system involves the information it supplies, the service it provides. And characteristics of the system itself. Eventually satisfaction of users determines the effectiveness of a business. Customer loyalty fosters success in E-commerce. Consequently businesses that deliver superior value derived from excellent services and quality products are likely to win customer loyalty. Here are 3 reasons to have a strong customer support:

Redressal system

A proper redressal system is what ensures that your customers also get a voice. Besides The more frequently and easily your customers can address their concerns, more stratified they are likely to be. This can directly translate into a increased amount of sales. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays an indispensable role in success of any organization. Furthermore as it represents the way customer’s expectations are met and adopted the more effective and efficient practices of achieving the prime organizational goal of customer excellence

Customer Support as a Backbone of Company Infrastructure
Customer loyalty

The high cost of attracting new customers on the Internet and the relative difficulty in retaining them make customer loyalty an essential asset for many online vendors. In the non-Internet marketplace customer loyalty is primarily the product of superior service quality and the trust that such service entails. Studies examine the same applies with online vendors even though their service is provided by a website interface notably without a human service provider.

CLTV inprovemnt

CLTV (customer lifetime value) reveals the amount of money a customer potentially brings to a company over the course of their engagement. It correlates directly with revenue. Eventually A highly engaged customer refers to one who reads your emails, follows you on social media. And interacts with customer support. A good customer service team is involved in all of these mediums. Better customer service means higher engagement, which leads to more dollars spent.


How to measure your social media presence

Recently, social media has become a potentially new way for businesses to disseminate and evaluate their profit outputs. Eventually enterprises have started promoting their products to a wide range of audiences via social media platforms. Here are few ways by which you can monitor your social media presence:

1. Brand awareness

The popularity of your brand is directly proportional to the amount of promotions and activeness you show on social media. The ultimate goal of most businesses is to increase sales and income. Gradually, you want to
attract new customers to your products and encourage repeat purchases. Through out this process your presence on social media determines how efficiently you increase your sales. Therefore brand awareness is a very virtuous tool to determine social media presence

How to Find Your Social Media Presence "Sweet Spot" | Rival IQ
2. E-commerce

A key challenge for e-commerce organizations is to understand customer requirements and to develop their
Web presence and back-office operations accordingly. An organization with a Web site that is difficult to use and
interact with will project a poor image on the Internet and weaken the organizations position. It is therefore
important that an organization be able to make an assessment of the quality of their e-commerce offering, as
perceived by their customers and in the context of the industry. In doing so, organizations can improve their
offerings over time and benchmark against competitors and best practice in any industry.

3. customer support

Customer support, such as equipment maintenance and repair, is an essential element in the successful marketing of a wide range of products, from computer systems to domestic appliances. Consequently, companies need to establish and maintain appropriate channels for high‐quality customer support; either as a part of their own operations or through third parties. 

4. Engagement with audience

Finally the last way to determine your social presence is by calculating and monitoring your audience engagement. This could be in various forms such as number of likes, comments, Direct messages etc.