3 ways to achieve customer satisfaction in digital marketing

Nowadays, the competition between any types of businesses is pretty fierce. Digital agencies are not an exception in this case. While there are a lot of advertising opportunities available, the most effective method for improving profits is via customer retention. Studies suggest that a small increase in retention rates of just 5% results in at least 25% increase in the profits generated on annual basis. Here are 3 ways you can increase your customer satifaction


Loyalty schemes are quite popular method for boosting customer retention and through personalization, you can develop really creative loyalty program. If you provide personalized loyalty offer to each one of your clients, they will be more than happy to refer other people to your business.

Communication is the key

One of the most overlooked way to boost audience satisfaction is to simply keep in touch with them. No matter whether you already have a solid database with customer contact details , you need to establish healthy communication with your customers.

The best way to keep in touch with existing and potential customers is via email. So you need to start building yourself an email marketing list.  You can use your existing audience database and also start a company blog. Regular customer feedbacks are the most important in any business,

Recent studies also suggest that text messages are a lot more effective than emails when it comes to customer retention.


A good business always follows up their client’s remarks.

They also set proper expectations when they come back – with what, and they keep their word. One way to scale follow-up is automated workflows and lead nurturing.

Also, remember that a satisfied customer who confirms that he/she is satisfied will secure and strengthen their happiness. Therefore, use this opportunity to ask for feedback after delivery in case of client service treatment. It is both instructive and profitable!

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