5 best platforms for freelancers

Freelance jobs are becoming more and more popular with the growth of the ‘gig economy‘. To be able to work at your own pace and be involved in projects at your own volition is an incredible way to earn. Companies are leaning more towards the freelancer market because of how cheap it is to get their work done through a freelancer. Keeping all the benefits aside, it can be quite difficult to navigate the online space to find a freelancing job with a good pay because of the competition involved. To make that journey easy for you, here are the 5 best platforms for freelancers.

1. Toptal

Toptal claims to be a freelancing platform offering the top 3% of the freelancing talent. While some may argue that the platform doesn’t contain a wide variety of job titles, it is definitely worth checking out if your preferred job description falls under any of these categories: developers, finance experts, designers, product managers and project managers. ‘Toptal’ aims to create a solid long term relationship with its freelancers and if you’re looking for a constant flow of high-paying freelance jobs, this is it.

2. Fiverr

If you’re looking for smaller jobs and those small ‘one-time gigs’ then Fiverr is your pick of the lot. Fiverr is diverse in terms of the jobs it offers. It is a trusted marketplace for freelance services and has been proving its worth for the last ten years. Fiverr also has a ‘Fiverr Pro’ feature if you’re looking for the top layer of the freelance gigs. It can even be argued that due to its diversity, it is even better than ‘Toptal’ but whatever the case maybe, it is definitely one of the 5 best platforms for freelancers.

3. Upwork

One of the oldest online marketplaces for freelance services, ‘Upwork‘ is the next platform on the list. Formerly known as ‘Elance-oDesk’, ‘Upwork Global Inc.’ claims to have 18 million freelancers registered on the platform. A big chunk of this 18 million consists of Indians on the platform. This California-based company hosts approximately 6 million clients worldwide and is a guaranteed place to get a decent gig for freelancers.

4. PeoplePerHour

This UK-based company is unique in its own way. It is most well-known for its hourly job openings for freelance work. The platform provides an opportunity to the freelancers to set their working conditions and negotiate with potential employers. This platform is mostly opted for by small and medium sized startups who prefer growing flexibly. This makes it to the 5 best platforms for freelancers because of the predominance of hourly job openings.

5. was founded in 2009 and has witnessed steady growth ever since. Growth of this platform comes to us as no surprise because of the kind of interface it provides for freelancers and potential employers to connect. It allows employers to post job openings for which freelancers bid to occupy. This ‘tender-process’ to get a job opening is unique to this Australian company. The platform takes 10% of the cut which can be reduced if the the member chooses to opt for a monthly-subscription based membership.

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