5 ways to overcome the fear of technology

One of the most important tools for survival today is scientific know-how. But the ever changing technology makes it difficult to remain up to-date. Sometimes people tend to fear changes and are reluctant to try new new things. Technophobia is the fear and avoidance of new technology. Often many people face this issue when they trying using the latest gadgets or social networking sites. But how should they improve? Well here are 5 ways to overcome the fear of technology:

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information from internet sites. The key to use technology better is by knowing more about it. The best way to make yourself digitally aware is by reading more about certain topics. Briefly reading about the procedures to use digital tools can often help a lot. One can also use YouTube Tutorials as a means of help.

Determine your use

Knowing the exact purpose behind the intention of use can help you filter down the type of technology that you can use. If you fear or are reluctant in using all sorts of digital gadgets then it is always better to keep in the mind the reason behind your usage. That ways you will only operate the device of your choice. For example if you want to market your product on social media, your main focus should be on a specific social media sites only. These can include Facebook, Instagram etc. You might not necessarily want to use Twitter or any other networking site. So filtering down your choices is always benificial.

Expert Advice

Taking advice from experts will help enhance your knowledge about the technical device. It is not necessary that the expert might only be a person only. You can use Brochures, videos, customer services etc.


Experimenting and trying to explore new domains of digital technology can benefit a lot. Take baby steps first. Try using small and easy to use applications. Once you get hold of that, you can move to more complicated applications. Always remember that changes bring opportunity and try challenging yourself everyday. Slowey you will be able to understand the features of the gadget or internet site.

Take help from knowns

Asking your friends or family to help you out can effect greatly. Since they are the people you can openly speak to, it is most likely to help out a lot. Talk to your friends about your doubts and problems. Ask them to teach you in a simple language. Make sure that you are comfortable around them. Also ask them to test your understanding .

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