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Dreams can be anything. It is a representation of what one wants to be or what they choose to be, it is an interpretation of one self. In today’s growing trends many of us aspire to work in the creative industry and one of them is Graphic designing. Graphic design is widley practiced.

Graphics design are looked upon with interest. It is ultra competitive. But good designers can never get wasted. Also , it is a challenging profession. They provide solutions to creative problems. Both freshers and professionals have the same opportunities.Graphic designing is never the same. It keeps evolving to the infinite. The design that had been done in the 80s is not the same as that of the 2020s. You can look upto to jobs like illustrator, VFX artist, production director for theatres and films and so on.

As a good book is in need of a good writer. And good design is in need of a good graphic designer. There can be a lot of tools and apps which you can use. Whether you are professional or amateur using the right tools and software is a must for Graphic Designing.


source for graphic design

If you are serious in pursuing your career as a graphic designer then adobe is the platform for you. There are many in adobe suits. Like:


Adobe Photoshop was first designed for photographers. But later it emerged as a platform for graphic design. It is used to create web pages, banner ads, video graphics and editing images.

  • there plenty of design tools to use
  • Multiple options to create form flyers to animated GIFs.
  • Social media marketing becomes easy when you use photoshop.
  • Increases resolution if the images.
  • Different image formats 
  • Very overwhelming and I need a tutorial to use it.
  • It is expensive.
  • Vector support is not offered
  • Has features for typography.


image  for illustrator graphic design

Adobe illustrator is a magic machine to graphic designing. In this anything created can be scaled to tiny thumbnails to get perfect sharp lines. You need to use an illustrator when creating logos, icons or brand mascots. 

  • it is available on both Mac and PC.
  • Works with any device as long as it is not 5 to 6 years.
  • Goes hand in hand with other adobe design software. If you are familiar with photoshop then illustrator is going to be a piece of cake. 
  • Allows you to work with high resolution graphics.
  • Unless you learn photoshop, illustrators need deep learning.
  • It requires a lot of patience from the designer’s part.
  • File sharing can be difficult.
  • There is a limited photo editing.


inckcape image source graphic design

Inkscape is a professional tool for vector art lovers and people belonging to graphic design. It is ideal for drawing logos, graphic for websites and also laser engraves.


  • has high quality colors such as  flat colors,gradients and transparent colors.
  • High accuracy images can process perfectly.
  • Very helpful in processing complex objects that have details.
  • Can correct every part.
  • It is the same as that of coreldraw and adobe illustrator.


  • difficult to learn,needs tutorial learning.
  • Needs patience


image for coreldraw

CorelDRAW helps Graphic design the ability to create infinite designs. You can create professional vector illustrations.


  • Can find numerous customization options
  • Move graphics all around in it.
  • Good for custom designs you print on signs and merchandise.
  • Functionality is solid.


  • Not easier for photo designing and conversion of images.
  • Would have been easier if it had worked for all imported files.
  • Files can be larger than those created for the works.


image for sketch

Sketch is focused on digital design. It is used for creating web sites,apps, and interfaces.


  • Easy to learn and use .
  • Needs a tutorial learning.
  • Can create global components for graphic designing.
  • Has great plugins.


  • No cloud file storage to it.
  • It is only suitable for Mac.
  • When working in a team every one must be on the same version.

Can be expensive.


image SOURCE

Affinity designer is best suited for designers who are in the early stages of Graphic designing. It makes you work in both vector and raster workplaces.


  • Easy to use with many tutorials.
  • Available in windows and Mac.
  • Has necessary tools for professional designing.
  • Allows you to easily edit and customise the same file.
  • Has features called Personas, helpful in switching between vector and pixel designs.
  • It is affordable.
  • Can undo your work to an infinite level.


  • Does Not have some tools access.
  • Have to enable the artboard when creating a new document.
  • Drawing tablets support us still a work in progress.

However, the software are you need to have a creative brain. Find out your freedom of expression and figure out how to contribute your work to Graphic Designing. 

That is all you need to know people. Hope this articles helps you in anyway!




The year 2020 has been a tough year to start with. It was the complete opposite of vision 2020 that was predicted. But it had also been the year of challenges. We faced a viral pandemic with corona virus spreading rapidly throughout the country and also in the world. With this, India went into a lock down and with a blink of an eye, it has been almost a year since the pandemic. Most of the people are still unsure about going out. The basic essential services are food and water. Slowly educational institutes started reopening. At the same time it also affects the market of the country. It is not going to be the same as before. A business can survive with proper marketing but COVID-19  changed the game. Which gave rise to new marketing techniques and traditional marketing techniques were pushed back.

Here are the new marketing techniques that may work in this pandemic:

Online marketing:

 image source for online marketing

Marketing is essential in reaching out to customers. It is a challenge and since people are stuck at home. During this time most of them are on the internet. This is a big opportunity to reach out to those customers. if you dont have a website yet, create so that you could reach our to your customers.

However, since everything is online, there is vast competition in marketing.


image source for content matketing.

Content marketing is educating the customers over selling to influence the buying behavior. It focuses on spreading information relevant to needs that can attract customers. It can be through- videos,blogs,webinars, or books which can be effective.


image for social media marketing.

Social media is a very essential need in marketing. It focuses on providing content that the customers are looking for with the shares of the information regarding a production. It also influences SEO( search engine optimisation) efforts which increases search results with the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatsapp too. So it is effective because it is cost effective. And customers can also take to the sales person directly which has an easy message platform.


a thumbnail of paid marketing

Paid marketing is something that you pay for to market your product. In online marketing it has PPC, Paid social media ads and SEM.


 Which meant pay per click ads. It’s a type of marketing in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on the ad. This is why we see some pop up ads in something that we don’t know. The most common type is when people search for a product in google. Suppose if you searched for sports shoes even when we stopped searching the ad, keep displaying every site we go to.


It is a practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine result pages. Advertisers bid on keywords from the users of google.

It’s an advantage that it offers advertisers to put their ad in front of the customers that look upon it through google keywords that the customer searched for. And as you know nowadays that whatever the shopping might be first shop in google. 


source for pr marketing

It is marketing that improves reputation if your business and its products and gives exposure to the customers that one need not pay for. Which basically called free media. Also it takes a variety of forms like- newspaper articles, radio, tv and also editorial. And is seen as trustworthy content.


email marketing image source

Email marketing is one of the low cost marketing methods. It is the best way to pivot convert leads. It targets specific customers with a goal of influencing their purchase rate. And is seen as a way to reach customers through email. Unlike spams, direct marketing reaches the interested customers who are interested.



In a crisis situation like this one’s goal is to sell those products to promote items in demand. Items that which people can’t go without. Basic necessities like it’s winter people would always shop for sweatshirts and pants, body lotions. Make it smart.


gift vouvher image source

Giving vouchers and gift cards that can be temptingly discounted one the next buy is what everyone wishes for. It can work for any industry. From store to saloons to spa to restaurants.


door delivery image source


In this kind of a situation even if there are tempting offers most them wouldn’t want to step out of the house. So having contacts with a delivery agency is a must. It can also work for any industry such as cosmetics, food, clothing, electronicS.

image source for sale

To create traffic to your website. One needs to have sales and deals. Like Nykaa has a lot of sales that people from different age groups wait for. For example, now Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale is really famous. It is important and is essential to have deals like this. 

This pandemic is wholly dependent on online marketing and is simple yet effective. Hope this article helps!!

Screenshot (255)

COVID-19 App

Project Description

This application is to spread more and more awareness against this pandemic to stay united and help our country fight against this novel covid-19.  

    Our application Covid-19 India basically consist 

    of four features:

1.Facts and Analysis

2.Self-Assessment test 

3.Govt news and Feeds



  • With the spread of corona virus all around the world people are worried and getting themselves tested even if they don’t posses corona virus symptons due to which latge number of testing kits are getting utilized
  • Secondly people don’t have a reliable source to depend upon for all the updates associated with the pandemic due to which various unnecessary rumours are spreading around.
  • Wrong information about the number of people suffering from the various disease at various places is being spread. Also People do not know what are the correct symptoms of corona virus as stated by World Health Organization (W.H.O) and at what point exactly should they need to get tested.


The application is made for social awareness and team proffus with the amount of experience used the rapid api approved by the government to ensure credibility of data.

Our application Covid-19 India basically consist of four features:

1. Facts & Analysis

We have included a feature of facts and analyses which

which will be showing all the factual information along with graphs for each and every state to see how pandemic is increasing and decreasing in respectivestates. Also the person can look into data for each state like:

a)How many have been infected with the disease

b) How many have cured from the disease

c)How many have died in each state

2.Self-Assessment Test

  • This tool will help you assess your symptoms and determine if you’re a candidate for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) test. It also offers guidance on when to seek medical care and what to do in the meantime. The test is based on the guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare (MHFW), Government of India.
  • The questionnaire asks six to seven successive questions abou an individual’s symptoms, travel history, contact with someone with a travel history and also changes in symptoms over time.

3.Goverment news 

We have included this feature in our app to stop all the rumors that can cause panic in the country. The Government news and feeds feature in our app will provide all the official declarations made by government on timely basis regarding the pandemic. All are requested to follow these guidelines to stay united and fight against this disease.

4. FAQs

This feature has a set of FAQs related to COVID-19 answered by World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is continuously monitoring and responding to this outbreak. It includes all the questions that are generally coming in people’s mind in the current scenario. Q&As will be updated as more is known about COVID-19, how it spreads and how it is affecting people worldwide.


All the features were successfully implemented by team proffus and to create awareness and to our part we waived out 50% of what we were charging to make the app as a contribution to society.

Screenshot (256)

Loan Providing App

Project Description 

It is an Instant Salary Advance Loan App & Personal Loan App.
Loans range from ₹1,000 to ₹200,000
Tenure: 62 days to 12 months. Interest rates range from 0%-29.95% per annum depending on product availed.

Problem Faced

  1. The app has to made on latest Android version, supporting all screen sizes
  2. The app will include wallet and store option
  3. commission on referrals 
  4. Verification of documents
  5. Varying interest Range


  1. App was made dynamic support latest Android version, supporting all screen sizes
  2. With the amount of experience in digital payment wallet integration was not a difficult task for team proffus
  3. Payment gateway integration for commission on referrals
  4. Collaboration with a company that will verify documents for them.
  5. Interest calculator with dynamic range made by team Proffus


The app was successfully built tested and deployed currently serving 140 customer across India. The apps helped them to start a business and make a living. 

Screenshot (259)

E-commerce App

Project description

Features of the app are

  • Wishlist
  • Cart
  • Profiles Page
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products Listing
  • Order Placed Page with unique order number
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page
  • Push Notifiation to customers
  • App tour

Problems Faced

  • Listview / Gridview alongwith Image loading
  • Send Push Notications 
  • Android Animations 
  • Unique order Id generator for each order
  • Stylish Double hierarchy Navigation drawer


1.With the amount of experience in working with listview team proffus developed this according to the clients demands

2.Firebase used for pushed notification

3.Having experience of working with animations it was not a difficult task for team proffus to animate it.

4.Random class used for order.

5.Customized navigation drawer made with ease.


The app turned out to be a huge success and used by the organization for selling their products much more comfortably and increase in their sales due to online presence.

Screenshot (260)

Food Delivery App

Project description

It’s an Android app for delivery food. The client can order by the website or this app. And a notification will be sent to the food delivery boy who will be the 12 km radius of the client place with order details. If he accepts the order, another notification will be sent to the client with delivery boy details. And if he rejects the order then the app will search another rider and will send a notification to another delivery boy who is within a 12 km radius of the client place. actually app makes a list of rider who are available within a 12 km distance radius. If no delivery boy is found then the client will get another notification that no delivery boy is found. This radius of distance is dynamic as it can be changed from cms.


1. Maintaining the algorithm to ensure that only one restaurant can be used for ordering

2. Handling the cases when 2 or more people place the order at same time

3. Online Payment Integration methods

4. SMS Permission not allowing to upload on playstore


1.Proffus team with their amount of experience in handling the critical cases over the years designed algorithm for checking only one restaurant ordering

2.Multi cases are handled using synchronization

3.Payment Gateway of Paytm integrated

4.Use of sms gateway to ensure correct delivery of messages


The app turned out to be a huge success and used by the organization for setting out small businesses for food delivery and services.

Want to make a similar app for your business?


Why is data binding preferred over other conventional ways?

Why is data binding preferred over other conventional ways? Data binding is one of the most trending and hottest topics in the android development sector. Data binding library is a support library in android that can be used to bind the UI components in your layouts to data sources in your app using a declarative format rather than programmatically.

It is an android jetpack library.

Why is data binding preferred over other conventional ways?

Usage of data binding

  1. It is available through android support repository.

To check whether support lib installed or not go to android sdk->sdk tools->support repo->install android support repo.

  1. Add data binding library to android studio project.

To do that open build.gradle(module-app)->in android element add  dataBinding {enabled = true}->sync project.

  1. Create data class called contact and add parameters with constructor.No need to add getter and setter because this data class will be used with data binding lib.
  2. Configure a data binding layout.To make any layout as a databinding layout the root view must be <layout></layout>.The immediate child of the layout must be <data></data>.Child of data is <variable> which is used to specify the variable used in this layout.2 properties must be specified in variable name and type.



type=””    //class which is used for databinding


The next child of layout after data is your actual layout i.e linearlayout or something.

For eg. In textview we can use databinding properties created in class contract . Suppose while setting text for textview we can use them as “@{contract.first}”  //first is one of the propties created in class.{} is used for using databinding variables.

  1. Now in main activity we can create databinding object in any activity whose layout has been configured as databinding layout for example in mainactivity.We can create the object while inflating the layout. Hence in onCreate() we remove the setContentView statement and here we will create our data binding object.What happens is that whenever you compile a databindinglayout it creates a class (for eg here it will be AcitivityMainBinding) in background with the same name as of layout and we can access this created class from mainActivityclass .We do

ActivityMainBinding activitymainbinding=DataBindingUtil.setContentView(this,R.layout.activity_main);

Now we can set data for the databinding object .For this we do

Contact contact=new Contact(“abc”,”efg”);


  1. Everything is done and now you can run.

Why is data binding preferred over other conventional ways?

Why is data binding preferred over conventional method?

1.It is used to directly bind ui components to its data sources from layout itself.

2.To prevent repeated calls to findviewbyid and to improve performance of the app

3.Memory leaks and null pointer are prevented.

  1. If layout is converted into data binding layout ,all the expensive findViewbyid calls will be prevented.Suppose if in a normal layout a calculator has to be made then all the findviewbyid calls will be made corresponding to each button .Those can be prevented using declarative layout.
  2. Declarative layout also makes layout more flexible.

6.Stronger readability – depends if you are a new developer then you may find it easy to learn it but if you previously worked on android you will need extra time to learn it.

7.Powerful – the code has more power, you can implement whatever you like in code. Think about it like this, everything you implement using data binding has a code equivalent (it might be longer and more code to write), but the revers is not valid.

8.Testing the UI — with data-binding it’s much more easy to test the UI, but data-binding it’s not enough for that, you also need a good architecture and using the Google suggested architecture will show the actual power of data-binding.

Why is data binding preferred over other conventional ways?

Data Binding in included layouts

1.In included layouts,the parents and the child both must be databindinglayout.

2.We must pass object of contact from parent layout to child layout.For this in includes statement we write



Layout=”//the layout to be included”



How to handle click events using data binding library

1.Make a class inside main only which will be used to handle the clicking of button.

Name it as ClickHandler .Make a property context and its constructor in it .Also add a method called as SimipleButtonclick in it which takes parameter as View and in this we write whatever we want to do while clicking.

In both parent and child we have to make variable corresponding to it.

In on click of the button in layout we write as “@{clickHandler:: SimipleButtonclick}”

2.Now in the class of those activities we can make clickhandler object.

ClickHandler clickHandler=new ClickHandler(this);

activitymainbinding.content.setClickHandler(clickHandler); //content is the id of included layout

3.Similarly we can do for longclick

For long click we have to create a method in class and this method should have a Boolean return type and not void.Then similar procedure.

How to use clicklistener with parameters

1.Create a simple method which takes parameters as View object and Content object.

2.In xml now in onclick do “@{(v)→onclickhandler.setclickhandledwithparams(v,contact)}”

3.same procedure as conventional method

Recycler View using data binding library

1.Follow the basic steps for recycler view as in normal.Also make the layout for single item using data binding library only.Add data and variable only in single item layout because for this example we dont need any kind of data in mainLayout.

2.Checkout the dataBindingExample from the projects.

How To Make eCommerce Website Like Amazon For Free

How To Make eCommerce Website Like Amazon For Free

How To Make eCommerce Website Like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, Best Buy, Home Depot For Free: Nowadays eCommerce stores are one of the best ways to earn an income online. The best part about starting an e-commerce website like Amazon is that you don’t have to own the products to sell on it. All you have to do is ask businesses to upload their products on your website and you earn a part of their profit. In the beginning, you can keep a lower market share but as the businesses increase, you can raise it.

What’s Amazon?

Amazon is an American transnational technology company that specializes in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Today, they’re considered the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon has more than 300 million monthly active users, and more than 2 million sellers work via the Amazon website all over the world. In 2018, Amazon’s net revenue reached $230 billion.

These numbers are astonishing. They show the popularity and success of the company. But Amazon didn’t achieve all of this in a day. Let’s remember how it all started.

Amazon startup, How To Make eCommerce Website Like Amazon For Free

Amazon has an extensive history of ups and downs, but it has managed to not only survive but prosper. There must be some tricks they used to succeed. Let’s find out what they are.



The ‘everything’ stores sell goods that can be bought everywhere, so the lower price creates one of the competitive advantages for marketplaces like Amazon. The issue here is how to keep prices attractive for users but still stay profitable?

The prices on Amazon depend on many factors, like competitors’ prices, seasonality, supply, and demand. Taking into account these and many other factors, the analytical systems of the website may change prices several times per day. And the goods on Amazon don’t always cost less than at other marketplaces. Amazon keeps secret its algorithms of dynamic pricing.


At the time when Amazon started, they already had several powerful competitors, like Barnes and Noble and It was like crazy to try surpassing them. But nothing was impossible for Jeff Bezos. His young company had a simple website with few features, no inventory, little budget, and a small team. Jeff did many routine tasks, like packaging the orders, by himself.

The main goal was to by all means drive more and more customers. That’s why Amazon gave huge discounts on books and delivery and almost did not get revenue for the first few years. The Everything Store by Brad Stone describes many extraordinary solutions used by Amazon for trying their best to acquire and retain customers on the platform in its early days:


One of the biggest difficulties of horizontal marketplaces that sell everything is how to create targeted value propositions and marketing campaigns for all the variety of customer groups.

To solve this issue, identify the largest group and focus your attention primarily on them. This group, however, can be subdivided into smaller segments with more precise needs.


With their ‘customer-centric’ model, one of Amazon’s issues is that they praise buyers more than sellers.

Recently Amazon was under investigation by Germany’s antitrust authority, which resulted in forcing the company to lessen the restrictions for European merchants. The changes included 30-day notification of termination of the partnership with business, simplifying the explanation of Amazon’s terms of services, and fairer presentation of customer reviews.

How to create an eCommerce site like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, Best Buy, Home Depot

To create your website like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, Best Buy, Home Depot you can follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a domain
  2. Get web hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install a WordPress theme
  5. Configure the theme
  6. Launch & Promotion

The only money you have to spend on making the website is the cost of the domain and web hosting.

What you need

Creating a website doesn’t require a ton of software or products. You just need a few things.


WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (content management system). You’ll use the WordPress interface to do everything from publishing articles, managing your products, and customizing your site.

Wordpress Logo, How To Make eCommerce Website Like Amazon For Free

The crazy part is that it only takes a few minutes to get your site online once you’ve chosen a domain name. It seems like a big deal, but it’s really pretty fast and easy.

After you get your site online, you can move onto converting it to a full-fledged eCommerce store like Amazon.


The next thing you need is an eCommerce WordPress theme. I recommend the AllStore theme above all others.

The theme you choose doesn’t just change how your site looks – it can also add lots of functionality. AllStore gets my recommendation because it’s highly customizable, attractive, and well-designed.

If you look at other eCommerce themes, you’ll quickly get frustrated with the same bad design decisions. They have huge images and sliders and animations – all of it distracting the visitor from simply browsing products and purchasing them.


For the actual eCommerce functionality – the cart, checkout, payment processing – you’ll use the free WooCommerce WordPress plugin.


WooCommerce is by far the most popular and reliable eCommerce solution for WordPress, and in fact, it’s used on more eCommerce sites than any other solution. It will allow you to add products in your WP dashboard, set prices, review payments and customers, and everything else you need for your shop.

AllStore also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.

Why use WordPress?

As I mentioned earlier, WordPress is the most popular CMS. It’s not a perfect product, but it has one major edge over competitors.

Alternatives like Squarespace are easier to pick up and learn, but they’re way less flexible. Squarespace’s eCommerce capabilities can’t compare to WooCommerce and the many WooCommerce extensions built by other developers. And that brings us to why WordPress is so great.

There are thousands of “plugins” for adding new functionality to your site. There is a plugin for any feature you can possibly imagine, and oftentimes, there are many plugins to choose from.

Perhaps most important is the amount of information online. Whenever you have a question, you can Google it and find tons of resolved support threads and blog posts with answers.

Setup WooCommerce

The next step is to get familiar with the eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce. There are lots of detailed tutorials on using WooCommerce, and this one by Torque is especially helpful.

Woocommerce Tutorial

Customize your site

With your new understanding of WooCommerce and your site ready to go, the only step left is to begin adding products and customizing your site.

In your admin dashboard menu, you’ll find all the tools you need for customization provided by AllStore. The page builder will help you create new templates and the “Customizer” can be used for small design changes like fonts and colors, and you can watch those updates take place live.

Good Alternatives to AllStore

If you’d like to see some alternatives with great design and features, there are a few other themes I’d recommend.


The Shopkeeper theme is amazingly flexible and packed with cool features. It also has tons of 5-star reviews from its customers to vouch for its quality.



Flatsome has a simple design not too different from AllStore, but it is a more popular theme on Themeforest. Like Shopkeeper, this WP theme has lots of great reviews from customers (over 3,000!).


Launching & Promotion of eCommerce Website like Amazon

Before launching the website, you need to find sellers who are ready to upload their products on your website. Your second target group is buyers.

The easiest you to attract both of these groups is by online advertising. You can start collecting sellers by showing them a prototype of your website and what they should expect from it.

Create hype among probable buyers by promoting your website a few days before the launch. You can have a special discount and membership benefits for the first 1,000 or something followers.

Find your own ways to generate curiosity among the people. If your budget permits, you can click photos for your vendors. You can charge them a minimal cost.

Here are some ways you can increase your reach:

SEO optimization

Optimizing your website is the cheapest way to generate traffic on your website.

Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords, put ads of our websites on blogs and web applications. You will have to pay fees, but it is quite affordable.

Facebook Ads

The same thing goes for Facebook Ads. You reach a large population in a limited duration. Make you customize the settings and search results correctly or else all you invested money will go to waste.

Time and Cost of Building an Ecommerce Website

Depending on big your ecommerce website is, it will take anywhere between two to four months to launch it, which includes testing.

Promotion is an ongoing process, so you can choose to begin with it when you are 50 percent done with the website.