5 best platforms for freelancers

Freelance jobs are becoming more and more popular with the growth of the ‘gig economy‘. To be able to work at your own pace and be involved in projects at your own volition is an incredible way to earn. Companies are leaning more towards the freelancer market because of how cheap it is to get their work done through a freelancer. Keeping all the benefits aside, it can be quite difficult to navigate the online space to find a freelancing job with a good pay because of the competition involved. To make that journey easy for you, here are the 5 best platforms for freelancers.

1. Toptal

Toptal claims to be a freelancing platform offering the top 3% of the freelancing talent. While some may argue that the platform doesn’t contain a wide variety of job titles, it is definitely worth checking out if your preferred job description falls under any of these categories: developers, finance experts, designers, product managers and project managers. ‘Toptal’ aims to create a solid long term relationship with its freelancers and if you’re looking for a constant flow of high-paying freelance jobs, this is it.

2. Fiverr

If you’re looking for smaller jobs and those small ‘one-time gigs’ then Fiverr is your pick of the lot. Fiverr is diverse in terms of the jobs it offers. It is a trusted marketplace for freelance services and has been proving its worth for the last ten years. Fiverr also has a ‘Fiverr Pro’ feature if you’re looking for the top layer of the freelance gigs. It can even be argued that due to its diversity, it is even better than ‘Toptal’ but whatever the case maybe, it is definitely one of the 5 best platforms for freelancers.

3. Upwork

One of the oldest online marketplaces for freelance services, ‘Upwork‘ is the next platform on the list. Formerly known as ‘Elance-oDesk’, ‘Upwork Global Inc.’ claims to have 18 million freelancers registered on the platform. A big chunk of this 18 million consists of Indians on the platform. This California-based company hosts approximately 6 million clients worldwide and is a guaranteed place to get a decent gig for freelancers.

4. PeoplePerHour

This UK-based company is unique in its own way. It is most well-known for its hourly job openings for freelance work. The platform provides an opportunity to the freelancers to set their working conditions and negotiate with potential employers. This platform is mostly opted for by small and medium sized startups who prefer growing flexibly. This makes it to the 5 best platforms for freelancers because of the predominance of hourly job openings.

5. was founded in 2009 and has witnessed steady growth ever since. Growth of this platform comes to us as no surprise because of the kind of interface it provides for freelancers and potential employers to connect. It allows employers to post job openings for which freelancers bid to occupy. This ‘tender-process’ to get a job opening is unique to this Australian company. The platform takes 10% of the cut which can be reduced if the the member chooses to opt for a monthly-subscription based membership.


The basics of affiliate marketing

The basics of affiliate marketing deviate from the basic idea of traditional marketing models. They deviate from traditional marketing methods because of a number of factors but mainly because of technological changes. Affiliate marketing is a means to pull more customers or traffic to your product through someone else. It sounds exactly like how advertising works but it’s not. Its uniqueness lies in the entry barrier to participate in affiliate marketing which is relatively lower. In other words, anyone can market products in this model.

This is the reason behind affiliate marketing’s popularity; anyone can participate. It is becoming more and more popular for brands to opt for this model of marketing. The statistics show that as of August 2020, 80% of brands used affiliate marketing to garner more attention. Furthermore, it is a marketing model which contributes approximately 16% of the global ecommerce sales. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is a method of marketing which is here to stay and grow. But how does it work?

Variants of the affiliate marketing model

Affiliate marketing, as explained in the first paragraph, is used by third parties to advertise a brand/product to earn a commission. But it would be unfair to reduce it to this explanation. To understand the basics of affiliate marketing it is vital to know about its variants in terms of how those third parties earn a commission. These variants can therefore, be broadly categorized in the following three ways:

1. Pay-per-sale

More on pay-per-sale networks

This adheres to the basic understanding of affiliate marketing. You lead a potential consumer from your own website/blog to that brand’s online location where they end up buying that product. A portion of that sale would be your share as commission. This is the standard model for affiliate marketing.

2. Pay-per-click

More on pay-per-click programs

The pay-per-click model eliminates one step from the standard ‘pay-per-sale’ model. In this variant, you as the third party don’t get a commission on every sale but a commission on every click that leads the potential buyer to that product’s online location. Companies pay for this variant of affiliate marketing in order to encourage more traffic to their products. It is efficient for both the parties involved.

3. Pay-per-lead

More on pay-per-lead programs

The pay-per-lead model is slightly more complex. Here, as a third party you would be compensated for conversion of leads, hence, ‘pay-per-lead’. Your job here would be to lead potential consumers and make them do one of many actions. It can be making them fill out a form or making them submit their personal information by signing up to a newsletter.

Importance of a niche

More on niche products

Affiliate marketing can look extremely simple but it requires a keen eye to understand the niche that your audience would find attractive. There needs to be an interrelation between the blog you’re maintaining and the the kind of products or brands you’re helping via affiliate marketing. If your blog does well, you will earn more as a result of that traffic. This is why finding your niche is so important. There are approximately 570 million blogs online as of December 2020 which means there exists cut-throat competition for online attention. Therefore, instead of choosing a broad category such as ‘fitness’, be more specific by choosing, for example, ‘jumping ropes’ or ‘yoga mats’. This would allow your blog to be higher up in search results. Having a particular niche also helps you create a more dedicated audience, resulting in consistent organic traffic.


Top 5 niches for a drop shipping business model

Over the last couple of years drop shipping statistics have maintained a steady rise when it comes to profit-making. Statistics from sites like eBay show that the top 10% of drop shippers earn on an average $7300 a month which amounts to more than $90000 a year. And that’s just the profit margin. So, it’s safe to say that drop shipping is still in vogue and extremely profitable. But what are the kinds of products that would be worth dealing in through this model of business? Here is a list of the top 5 niches to deal in, in order to rake in more profits.

1. Customized printed t-shirts/hoodies

More on how to drop ship customized t-shirts

With an ever growing college-going student population, India is one of the safest bets to make when it comes to a commodity such as customized printed t-shirts. These t-shirts can range from the name of the college printed on the back to t-shirts dedicated to the themes of fests that colleges host all the time. This a niche in the drop shipping market which will never dry up.

2. Yoga products

More on how to drop ship yoga

Being a generation which is growing incessantly more narcissistic and conscious about our appearance, yoga is a niche which sees an exponential growth in the future. Statistics show that the niche in drop shipping of yoga products will only grow and is a profitable venture. Yoga mats are the most common purchases made under this category. Furthermore, the lack of availability of yoga products in tier 2 and tier 3 cities is something which can be utilized for increase in the profit margins.

3. Skincare products

More on drop shipping skincare products

Exploiting growing narcissistic tendencies even more, skincare products are guaranteed avenues of earning high margins for drop shippers. Statistics tell us a similar story. The skincare industry, which is already valued at around $135 billion is supposed to grow at a consistent rate of 4.4% till the year 2025. Certain products such as anti-aging products and facial creams are the most popular under this category and one of the top niches for drop shipping.

4. Headphones/Earphones

More on drop shipping headphones/earphones

Headphones and earphones belong to a niche which has no foreseeable limits as of now. This particular niche for drop shippers will only grow as it is, in itself, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Numbers tell us that this market, valued at approximately $20 billion, will grow at a pace of an astonishing 20% till 2027. This is guaranteed to be one of the top niches for drop shipping over the coming years and will have a high profit margin.

5. LED lamps/LED lighting

More on drop shipping led lighting

One of the most sensible niches to place a bet on is the LED lamps market. It is sensible because of a couple factors. First is their efficiency which has been proven over time and the second factor is the niche’s steady growth. The market was valued at approximately $26 billion as of 2016 and is forecasted to grow at compound annual rate of 13% making it one of the top niches for drop shipping.

offline marketing


Marketing is a means of promoting a business. It is also a way of interaction between customers and various companies. And is also done for getting finances to the company. In the world of new technology, everything became digital. Even Marketing became digitalized. With the dawn of digital marketing, traditional marketing was lagging. traditional marketing is also called offline marketing.


As a result, digital marketing grew so big and is always a big deal. Traditional offline marketing also has its style and perks in marketing.
Not all people use digital platforms to know things. There are still some people that know how to use the internet and digital technology. In this aspect, offline marketing helps a lot of people know what a specific company is offering.


Usually, small businesses use this type of marketing. Big companies also use offline marketing because it targets all age groups in society. Digital marketing only has access to market their content for the people who are available online.



Newspaper is a source of information. The newspaper helps us to know what is happening in the day to day world. It keeps us updated About the affairs of the world. They are genuine.
Newspaper marketing helps companies to have a strong influence on the people when they come across ads in the newspaper. It helps newly shining companies to keep them in the lime line. With newspaper marketing, one can target a wide variety of audiences such as the elderly, children, and educated people.
Flyers can be a bit complicated. Because for flyer marketing, one needs to have a person to give them out. But with different costumes and in crowded places, it can work.


offline radio marketing

Radio is now a vintage object which is found rarely in houses. Before the emergence of TVs, people used to scoop themself near the radio to listen to important updates. Radios vanished today and are found in our mobile phones in the form of FM. There are a lot of beautiful shows going on. Every local area has their radio channels. Radio marketing promotes products through the radios in the form of ads, or sometimes the host itself makes the promotion. And also with TVs one can promote their company locally.


example of a poster

With posters one can do according to their freedom . Nothing can go wrong with posters. They are pretty catchy and attract a lot of crowds. It can be used anywhere. All it takes for a Poster is a good design, catch animation and, a good description. One doesn’t need to hand it out like flyers or make people understand. With a good poster, the people can say what it is about. And also the use of catchy logos is also necessary.


work shop markerting

The workshop is the program conducted by companies so that the rookie workers in the team get an experience. In such workshop conferences. various companies come together and share their view. One call also promotes their businesses while attending a lot of workshops. Also, there are different festivals conducted in colleges. You can also put samples and promote your business in college.



You must have probably heard the word collaboration in Music Festivals. In business and marketing field also collaborating is also necessary. collaborating means working with the brands or companies that have the same goals as you. For example, if both cosmetic companies work together and bring out a product that had both their names. the two brands get promoted equally.




10 things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost

Writing a blog isn’t easy. (Believe me, I know) The internet is replete with blogs on every possible topic in every possible field. From fashion blogs to fitness blogs, people are exploiting what the internet offers i.e. the freedom to write about whatever you like. But for the people who are aiming to set up a blog or have already done so and want people to come back to their blog, here are 10 things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost.

1. The first impression

More on introductory paragraphs while blogpost writing

It’s generally accepted that people on the internet click on posts only if they are intrigued by the packaging of the site. It’s always encouraged to not to judge a book by its cover but with the abundance of content out there, it makes sense why people are unable to get over the first impression of something. In case of blogs, it’s vital to establish what you are offering stands out on the internet of things. To make it clear that your content deserves the time of the person looking at the title of your blog.

2. Focus on keyphrase

Efficiency with focus keyphrases is an art which makes a world of difference. Keyphrase is basically a set of words which you want to be ranked whenever someone searches for a topic related to what you have written on your blog. For example, if you have written a blogpost on ’10 R&B artists to discover in 2020′, then the keyphrase describing your content most appropriately would be along the lines of ‘R&B artists in 2020’. There are Search Engine Optimization sites which would help you find the most efficient keyphrase.

3. Conciseness counts

Being someone who’s always in a hurry, I know what a really long blog or a really long article can do to me. The most annoying thing you can do to your readers is to make the article unnecessarily lengthy when it could have been packaged in a more concise manner. Nothing creates a better impression than a blog which presents information quickly.

4. Be interactive

More on ways to make your blogpost interactive

This is an underrated feature which can allow you to create a sense of belongingness with the readers. To encourage them to tell them how your blog helped them or if they have anything else to add is a way to make people more engaged with your content. Obviously not every reader is going to stop and comment on your blog post but the ones who do, will definitely come back to read the replies. Furthermore, for a new reader, looking at comments on a blogpost allows him/her to gauge the credibility of that blogpost.

5. Headers and sub-headers

This is one of the most important lessons (and probably the only important lesson) I learned in school. My English teacher always focused on creating heading and sub-headings. It was only after my school-life ended that I realized how important it is to categorize information in a clean manner. What headers and sub-headers do is that it gives the reader a convenient structure to go through. It allows them to skim through information at their own pace, making it a more comfortable read. This one the most vital things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost.

6. Skeletal outline

As mentioned in the point before, it is convenient for the reader to go through a structure on its face value. To do this, therefore, it becomes pertinent to have an outline in your mind before you set out to the writing part. Having a rough outline allows you to sequence your thoughts more clearly which ultimately makes the blog easier to understand.

7. Avoid jargons

People surfing the internet and stumbling across your blog don’t want complex words that they would need to google. A reader having to change tabs to find out what particular words mean is a big wall between the reader’s attention-span and your content. Avoid using jargons unless they are necessary to explain something.

8. Fonts can be decisive

More on selecting fonts

To be able to choose a particular font and a font size. Times New Roman is the standard font that most blogging platforms offer as a default option but there are a few alternatives which can be used to make your blog stand out. The color of the text and the size of it can be tailored according to the theme of your blog. Pay attention to these details, they are all part of the experience.

9. Avoid beating around the bush

There is only one more thing which online readers find more annoying than a lengthy blog post and that is a blog post which does not talk about what its title suggests. Avoid straying away from the topic in-hand and be consistent about what the blog post aims to provide.

10. Finish strong

After taking care of the 9 suggestions mentioned above, the only thing you’re left with now is to find a way to conclude. Conclusions can be tricky, especially, when your blog post is a list of things; very similar to this one. If that’s the case then creating a separate conclusive paragraph would not be advisable. But if it’s a narration of an event or an experience, conclusion is vital. Remember, just like how the introductory paragraph helps the reader to get hooked on to your content, the conclusive paragraph brings them back for more and that is why, it’s one of the most important things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost.


Top 5 ways to get traffic on your website

Websites have become the fulcrum of marketing dominance and if one does not manage to master the technique of not only garnering a good community base but also the technique to consistently gain more interactions, having a website would have close to no impact. So, here are the top five ways to increase website traffic and interactions.

1. Optimization of SEO

List of SEO tools

This should always be rule number one when it comes to pulling in more traffic to your website. It is one of the most effective ways to pull traffic and that is why it is also the most common advice given to novices. If this is your first time creating and maintaining a website, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is designing your website in a certain way which would allow it to become a more preferable result whenever someone tries to search for the topic your website deals with. If you intend to establish permanent user in-flow and a consistent growth in terms of the number of people check your content, the SEO is your choice of option.

2. Long tail keywords

The second way just stems out from the point mentioned above. Once you start getting a hang of SEO, you’ll realize there are broadly short keywords and long tail keywords that you need to take care of. Most people make the mistake of ignoring long tail keywords because of its apparent specificity and narrow audience targeting power. This is a huge mistake and it is strongly advised to not to ignore this aspect of SEO. It is a fact that conversion rates through long term keywords are much higher which means, the traffic your website will pull through long tail keywords will have a higher chance of becoming permanent leads.

3. Roundup Posts

More on expert roundups

Creating roundup posts is one of the most effective methods which is often not talked about. A roundup post has the ability to catapult your website to people’s attention really quickly and really effectively. Roundup posts are posts which aggregate experts’ opinions on a particular topic. This is effective because of the value people assign with an experts’ credentials which automatically, to a certain extent, is assigned to your website. Apart from an increase in your website’s credentials, it also amplifies your website’s reach as the experts’ names carry your websites reach. An expert roundup is one of the most underrated but one of the most effective ways to gain traffic for your website.

4. Interactions on forums

One more method of getting more people’s attention is to interact on forums. Forums such as Yahoo Answers, Quora and Reddit which are extremely popular when it comes to finding solutions/answers to their queries. This is the internet’s equivalent of your neighborhood grocery store owner helping you find the ‘right kind of shampoo’ but here, you’ll be interacting with potential content consumers who will in turn help you grow your website traffic as the answer won’t go anywhere. It will not only help you gain that one person’s attention but dozens if not hundreds of more people’s attention who would come to that forum to look for suggestions and ultimately, increasing website traffic and interactions.

5. On-screen share triggers

More on share triggers

Add convenient and on-screen share links which are also known as ‘share-triggers’. It is always easier to increase your website traffic if the people coming to your website find it easier to share the content on your website. It is a very subtle but a potent way to utilize people’s need for convenience for your own benefit. Having a ‘Share this on Facebook’ or a ‘Tweet this’ button on the side of the screen will not only make it easier for people to share your content but also encourage more people to do it which would as a result increase website traffic and interactions.

social media marketing



Social media has always been the latest trend since the day it set foot into people’s lives. It had always been a means of communication. People use it for different means like staying connected with our loved ones to know about what is happening in the outside world. Today the world can also use social media for marketing.  It is nothing but a good platform to promote related content that could increase the customers to your company or website.

And also it is a great platform to interact with customers. There are a lot of social media platforms for marketing. Here are the top social media platforms that could bring hype to your company or website.


image for social media marketing

Facebook was the first ever social media app that created a lot of hype. It had a wide spectrum of users and it was a huge hit during the times. Till today the users keep increasing even with the launch of new social media platforms. Moreover, it is easy for social media marketing because it is easy to use in connecting with the customers. The content sharing, video sharing, photo sharing and live chating makes it easier to market their business and attract users.


insagram social media

Instagram is also the most used platform for social media marketing after Facebook. and also like Facebook it also has the features to share images, videos and content. There are also new features called IGTV, this helps to advertise longer videos. It has a wide range of users . If your main audience is women then  Instagram is the platform for marketing as it attracts women a lot.


whatsapp bussiness

Whatsapp is used by everyone in India. It is connected to a phone number and used as a messenger to share files, videos and messages. There is also another app which is called Whatsapp Business. It is the same as that of a whatsapp in terms of messaging and all. But Whatsapp Business main goal is to connect customers and business. It is usually used for small businesses for example, homemade chocolate business and bouquet business. That doesn’t need a huge site. But anyone can use Whatsapp Business to connect with customers other than Facebook and Instagram.


twitter media marketing

Twitter is a very popular app that has worldwide recognition. It is used by a wide range of users like celebrities, sports persons, politicians and a lot of VIPs. And it is also easy to use and helps a lot in communicating with people. In marketing tweets are your source and a single tweet allows only 280 characters to post a tweet. you can create several threads like this relating to the post.


snap chat

We can see a lot of users using Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Snapchat is also used for social media marketing. The stories, reels and video sharing was first adopted by Snapchat. Then these became a part in all social media. It is user friendly and helps you to share videos. 

To this day Social media marketing has always been on top and there are new isers everyday. To conclude, Social media marketing is always effective which can never go wasted. And also there are few things to be remembered. You should choose a media platform that is suitable for the targeted audience for you company programe.

Thats all folk!!

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mini mad email marketing tools


Email marketing is a platform which helps us to send a particular business or commercial message to the people or customers through the means of email. As a result, they get customers and subscribers. Tools for Email marketing  help a particular organization for better marketing techniques.

Tolls are used everywhere to make things easy. It is used in cooking, housework and also beauty. We can say technology is also a tool for easy usage of services that can offer a man king. Tools are an essential part for anything. Similarly there are also tools for email marketing. With better email marketing tools one can create welcome messages and can even offer vouchers through emails in a bulk.



mini mad email marketing tools

Mad mimi helps us to create beautiful emails that can attract subscribers. Moreover, the emails sent can be tracked for the results that are obtained in we can divide mails based on the topic of the proggrame that they are fit for. And also it is easy to use and dosent need any training. In this platform we can slo set the time of the emails in and orderly fashion.


mailer lite

With mailer lite you can get popular and win a lot of subscribers in a short time. But it has to be used in an efficient way.mailer lite is free until you reach subscribers of 1000 . and also you can set time to the emails . in msiler lite the subcribtin increases with the increase in subscribers. 


sending blue tool

Sendinblue is very popular and it is widely used . It also has a set up in the major languages of the worldlike English, French, Italian etc. it comes with a free plan and we can send emails to ‘n’ number of subcribbers. If you want advanced features such as email layout optimization. You need to buy a monthly pla which starts from 25$ a month.


mailchimp tool

Mailchimp is a tool for email marketing that focuses mainly on start ups. It is very cost effective and has low subscription rates. There are a lot of attractive and advanced features so that a start up company could use them effectively. And also it focuses oncontent, design and data analysis. Moreover, it is also available on the browsers so one dont need to instal the software in the computer or laptop.


tools for email marketing

Bench mark is a simple tool to use for email marketing. In thi stools you can edit email templates. It is also available in eight languages. It is free till you obtain 2k subscribers and u cna lso send unlimited emails for upto 14k mails. And the payment plan starts from 14$ a month . and also it has the features of video marketing.


tools for email marketing

Send pulse is a tool for email marketing that is  the best in managing emails. It made a good influence on every marketing campaign. And also it detects the influence on conduct and every single action that you do regarding email marketing. Like it keeps a track or record what you are doing regarding marketing. Free plan users can send upto 15k emails. And all features are provided even for a free plan user.


 email marketing

Convertkit was initially created for vloggers and bloggers. It is easy to use and has email automation. There are also page editors. By using a convert kit one can create unlimited numbers of mails. There you can also make use of text and pattern in the features available. For a month, it cost about $29 a month . There is also a free trial available.


tools for email markeitng

This marketing tool is popular and a lot of countries use it for better email marketing. The emails that you need to send are limited in mailjet. It permits you to only send upto 6k mails for a month which is pretty much less compared to  other tools available. The monthly plan starts from $9.65 a month.


 email marketing

Active campaigner is easy to use and is user friendly. It helps the company to be in touch with the subscribers. And also it has features like email split testing, smart auto responders and sales automation. There are different plans starting from 15$ a month.


tools for email marketing

A weber is a tool for email marketing that is useful for start up companies and small business . ther are a lot of tools available. It has a strict email structure but is still easy to use. Free to use with sending 500 emails a month. The monthly plan starts from 19$.

Hope this article in any way.

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image for website ranking


image for website ranking

Ranking is always exceptional. It is much needed in a competitive world. It is like a grading to our skills in where we stand. For instance, website ranking is also among them. Website ranking determines your website traffic caused by the user in using your website. In a lot of cases, we observe the first page displayed is always the oldest page. Website ranking needs a lot of patience.

Here are some things to keep in mind for a website to rank:

Writing prominent content for website ranking.

For anything that involves a book or website, the content plays an important role in popularising the content. We see why a certain book or website gets hype, because it has great content which attract the users to the website for website ranking.

 And also the content which was popular ages ago might need some upgradation to keep the content intact for the website ranking.

Attracting natural users for website ranking.

 Natural is always the best. Whatever things we might do to get instant results just bring momentary happiness, even with that happines that last only a limited time. People still go for it. But at the end of the day people choose natural ways in finding happiness.

 Similarly, for a website to be at a certain rank natural users are necessary. Some might buy users so they could increase ranking with money. After they achieve a particular rank the company decides to stop paying and look for natural users. But slowly the rank decreases which affects the website. So it is important to attract natural users because if they like the content they come back again and again to your website.

Boosting the speed of the website

Have you ever suffered a slow internet. The word itself makes you turn red and you let out a sigh. No words are needed to describe it. For a happy user, the speed of the website is essential. Poor speed can drive people away from your website which can affect the website ranking.

In the same emanner, the topic is applicable for website ranking. It is very important to boost the speed of the website. Over the internet there are numbe of services provided for boosting the speed of your site. All you have to do is paste your site lnk and you are good to go.

Making it work for mobile

Nowadays people are using a lot more mobile phones than laptops of PCs. justbecause they are easy to carry and smartphones today have everything in them. 

In this situation, when you are uploading content for a blog or a website make sure it could appear in mobile format also. Because when you choose a desktop setting, the users that open your site from the mobile browser have to zoom in the content to read and this may take a lot of time to grasp the content. This may cause the user to exit the site.

Improving user experience

If a user check in to your site he ha sto get what he wantsthrough your website. It is very important to have and iseal site. Here are some which might put off user experience.

  • Unnecesary Content-for example you are in a visa interview then the interviewer asks ‘you are you from?’ You say ‘I am from India. India is a land of culture , various languages and heritage. It has 28 states and 4 newly aded states with 7 union…..’. Over writing or over description puts off the interview. The same happens with the user loging in to your website. So cut straight to the point with a shaort description.
  • Too much animation– for a site to look attractive the site needs to have good graphic designs, but too much can make waste. Too much vibrant colors and unnecessary animation can make it weird for users to use the site. Simple is always appreciated. Simple dosen mean basic
  • Using headings– using headings such as h1 or h2 tags are necessary which makes the user to understand what information the website provided. If we see long paragraphs we just scan through it so headings are important in grabbing attention of the content that the user in looking forward to.

Optimising thing on your site

Enhancing is always a boon to the things that already existed. Enhancing always improves the beauty rather than changing it for the beauty. From time to time there are few things that need enhancement to increase website ranking.

The main thing that needs constant enhancement is image. When upgrading a site one needs to change alt attributes that can show up when people search for in google which can lead to a desired website ranking.

Improving local search. Local search is something that targets a specific area in the earth. It can be done by adding the address of the office to the website so it can bring local users and can hype website ranking.

Rankings websites need a lot of patients and harwork.We observe the first page displaying when you search something is always old. With proper keywords the first appeared page has more traffic and the pages after attract that are 5% less traffic.

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image for QR code



source for QR code

Technology as we know had always been evolving. Man designs technology according to his own convenience. Then came barcodes and bar lines that determined something. From them came QR code. And they is a type of matrix barcode first developed and use in 1994 in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. In practice, QR codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application.

for instance, they changed the game for the world which made everything easier. It supports tipping at a restaurant, collecting wedding gifts, even homeless people are using QR codes to receive handouts. These codes made everything amazing. 

QR codes represent a hyperlink or piece of tet, which can be read by scanning the code.. These encodings are often seen in Quick response format. They are widely used in Japan and China. Scannable codes became popular in Japan in 2002. Then mobile internet was poor. There were no wifis. Popularizing thesecodes were the main goal for advertisers. And this evolved in time . and we see many countries using QR codes.

From big cities to remote villages, the codeconomy is already changing the social behaviour of people. The coronavirus pandemic has taught people to use QR codes in new and broader ways. This presents a great opportunity to shake up international payment systems with their wildly expensive commissions – and move to something better. 

In developed countries, they are mainly used as graphical hyperlinks leading to sites or other information. However, with QR codes, you can also create a cashless payment infrastructure – quickly and inexpensively. 

COVID-19 has forced authorities in various countries to implement QR codes actively used to track the health status of citizens and their movements. They are becoming a familiar part of everyday life, making it not only  possible but necessary to expand the scope and use of this technology.


source for QR code
  • A QR code can be generated by anyone, however it is usually sellers that generate QR codes. The process looks like this:
  • The seller creates a QR code and shows it to the buyer.
  • The buyer scans the code using their banking or finance application and clicks the “Pay” button.
  • The monetary transfer is sent to the seller’s bank.
  • The seller receives a payment confirmation and the payments system issues a receipt to the buyer.


  • they are far more than just digital barcodes. They can be used to link a mobile device to the ‘Like’ button on your Facebook page, or to send users directly to your Twitter or LinkedIn page.
  • Did you know that using codes can enhance not only your social media optimisation but also your search engine optimisation.
  • QR codes go one step further, letting you measure your results based on leads and clicks. You can use link-shortening services such as google to automatically generate codes that will let you share shortened links – they also give you useful analytics!
  • Print media such as flyers, brochures, billboards and business cards don’t have a direct link to your online media such as your website.
  • Moreover, Customers love them because they make transactions easier. No more writing down web addresses and phone numbers or remembering to visit a website later – a quick scan of the code and they’re calling your business or filling out a contact form on your website. 


There are several risks to consider with QR codes because they are kept where the codes attract a lot of people.

Making your calendar, contacts, and even credit card information available to criminals.

Stealing your Facebook, Google, and other passwords and posting without your knowledge or permission.

Infecting your device with malware that can disable it.

Tracking your location for criminal purposes.

And there is nothing to worry about QR Codes make life easier but take precautions and improve security code for your qr code point. Then you are good to go.

Hope this article helps. That’s all folks!