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COVID-19 App

Project Description

This application is to spread more and more awareness against this pandemic to stay united and help our country fight against this novel covid-19.  

    Our application Covid-19 India basically consist 

    of four features:

1.Facts and Analysis

2.Self-Assessment test 

3.Govt news and Feeds



  • With the spread of corona virus all around the world people are worried and getting themselves tested even if they don’t posses corona virus symptons due to which latge number of testing kits are getting utilized
  • Secondly people don’t have a reliable source to depend upon for all the updates associated with the pandemic due to which various unnecessary rumours are spreading around.
  • Wrong information about the number of people suffering from the various disease at various places is being spread. Also People do not know what are the correct symptoms of corona virus as stated by World Health Organization (W.H.O) and at what point exactly should they need to get tested.


The application is made for social awareness and team proffus with the amount of experience used the rapid api approved by the government to ensure credibility of data.

Our application Covid-19 India basically consist of four features:

1. Facts & Analysis

We have included a feature of facts and analyses which

which will be showing all the factual information along with graphs for each and every state to see how pandemic is increasing and decreasing in respectivestates. Also the person can look into data for each state like:

a)How many have been infected with the disease

b) How many have cured from the disease

c)How many have died in each state

2.Self-Assessment Test

  • This tool will help you assess your symptoms and determine if you’re a candidate for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) test. It also offers guidance on when to seek medical care and what to do in the meantime. The test is based on the guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare (MHFW), Government of India.
  • The questionnaire asks six to seven successive questions abou an individual’s symptoms, travel history, contact with someone with a travel history and also changes in symptoms over time.

3.Goverment news 

We have included this feature in our app to stop all the rumors that can cause panic in the country. The Government news and feeds feature in our app will provide all the official declarations made by government on timely basis regarding the pandemic. All are requested to follow these guidelines to stay united and fight against this disease.

4. FAQs

This feature has a set of FAQs related to COVID-19 answered by World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is continuously monitoring and responding to this outbreak. It includes all the questions that are generally coming in people’s mind in the current scenario. Q&As will be updated as more is known about COVID-19, how it spreads and how it is affecting people worldwide.


All the features were successfully implemented by team proffus and to create awareness and to our part we waived out 50% of what we were charging to make the app as a contribution to society.

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