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Different types of campaigns in Facebook Ads.

As we know to bring leads and audience to a site or company marketing is essential. Digital marketing plays an important role in sales and traffic. And aslo a marketing campaign is a campaign that a company putforward to attract the traffic to a website or bringing finances to the company. Among such ads facebook ads are different from google ads or website ads. It needs new understanding.

Facebook ads need new learning and analysis as they focus on attracting ustoers that help in your business or website. Moreover, if you didnot go business in facebook. Go to business.facebook.com and create a business page as soon as possible. 

When a team or comapny needs action, one needs to plan and prepare and establish a campaign. So a campaign is established when a company needs to reach a particular goal and action to lead. In Facebook ads campaigns mostly one need to focus on the structure of ACC

  • A-Awarness
  • C-Consideration
  • C-Conversion

In Awarness, on indeed to focus on making the people awar of the brand. Moreover, some people do not know about your company brand. So, one needs to advertise with pop up images that standout, and also with short video sponsored ads and aslo tragetin g your local audience.

In Consideration, one needs to focus on ads that have already gained customers. Here your target is the people that already know of your brand. All you have to do is provide them with information. This type of ads are best suited to blogs and websites. For the ads in Facebook one needs to have a high quality larger image.

In Conversion, one needs to aim at making the customers buy or make a purchase from your company. Here are ads that could make you buy directly on Facebook without keving it. It also helps you to track the sales of the company hteough facebook.

In simple language or terms, the campaign in which the company gain audience that which dosent know about their brand, it is called cold campaign.

And the marketing that does ads for the audience who already know is called remarketing campaign.


Image and Video in facebook ads

vieo fb ad
image facebook ads

Images are a source of proof that one thing exists. When we are imagining something or buying something, we need something visual that could satisfy the thing we are imagining. In this aspect, images play an important role. In facebook image ads can lead the users to go check out the website.

Video ads also help in visualing an object that we want; it shows different features than images and could bring different leads to the company or sight.

Carousel Ads

carousel image ads

Just like image ads in Facebooks ads. Carousel ads also help in our visula things that help in incrasinf traffic to the website. Carousel ads contain multiple images in asingle ad and also text posts that describe the main features of the services they are offering throught the post.

Instant Experience ads

facebook ads

These types of ads are only suitable for mobile and are not available in PC. through this ad one can watch what a company is offering with a short video. If the company is offering various tea . it shows about various tea and theie visulas.

Collection Ads in facebook ads

A collection is a collection of ads in a single post that Facebook could offer. It has images, carousel images, video and also instant ads experience with the direct link to the site. You can shop directly on facebook.

New Lead ads.

faceboos ad new leads

It is lke a customer service or something like a youtube bell icon that tells us there are new things in the subscribed site. By this one need to give their email so that the company could give information to the subscribed user and bring new leads.

So this is all about facebook ad campaigns. That’s all folks.

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