Digital marketing for logistics companies

Digital marketing for logistics companies was not seen as an important component. But with the advent of the internet more logistics companies are investing in digital marketing. In a survey targeted at South Asian enterprises, it was found that more than 65% of them prioritize real-time marketing strategies and almost 52% of them depend on both offline and online techniques. Although it is generally accepted now that digital marketing is important in every sector, it is becoming even more important in the logistics businesses. That is precisely why digital marketing for logistics companies is so important.

AI to fine-tune advertisements

Existence of Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for such companies to track cookies to understand their customer’s preferences. Added to that, it is also an efficient way to create new opportunities and maintain customer relationships. People who choose to come to your website can be shown advertisements according to their inclinations. Customers interested in office equipment will be sent ads related to cheap office equipment. Others who are interested in virtual internships can be shown spaces with vacancies.


Another way to channel your advertisement resources is by retargeting. Retargeting is to focus advertisements on customers who have already spent on that particular product or service. There is a list of retargeting software available for businesses. Software such as ‘AdRoll‘ and and ‘Leadfeeder‘ are the best in the market.

Marketing Automation Software

Logistics is one of the fastest growing sectors in Asia. As of 2017, the Asia-Pacific logistics market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% till 2025. This means that for a logistics company, it is highly important to be equipped with the necessary advancements in the market. Surprisingly, very few companies use software such as Marketing Automation Software. In a survey conducted on 20 logistics companies in Florida, it was found that barely 5% of the companies used Marketing Automation Software. This software can help you automate mundane marketing activities which need to be repeated. These activities can be sending emails and uploading posts on social media platforms.

Customer Relationship Management

There is overwhelming proof supporting the efficiency of Marketing Automation Software. Businesses using them are almost 70% more efficient in converting leads. A ‘Customer Relationship Management’ software makes it significantly easier to manage customer relationships. This software monitors the way customers interact with your organization and optimizes that data for your benefit.

Optimizing digital marketing techniques for logistics companies is one of the most important ways to grow as a business.

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