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Food Delivery App

Project description

It’s an Android app for delivery food. The client can order by the website or this app. And a notification will be sent to the food delivery boy who will be the 12 km radius of the client place with order details. If he accepts the order, another notification will be sent to the client with delivery boy details. And if he rejects the order then the app will search another rider and will send a notification to another delivery boy who is within a 12 km radius of the client place. actually app makes a list of rider who are available within a 12 km distance radius. If no delivery boy is found then the client will get another notification that no delivery boy is found. This radius of distance is dynamic as it can be changed from cms.


1. Maintaining the algorithm to ensure that only one restaurant can be used for ordering

2. Handling the cases when 2 or more people place the order at same time

3. Online Payment Integration methods

4. SMS Permission not allowing to upload on playstore


1.Proffus team with their amount of experience in handling the critical cases over the years designed algorithm for checking only one restaurant ordering

2.Multi cases are handled using synchronization

3.Payment Gateway of Paytm integrated

4.Use of sms gateway to ensure correct delivery of messages


The app turned out to be a huge success and used by the organization for setting out small businesses for food delivery and services.

Want to make a similar app for your business?

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