How to activate a banned ads account on Facebook

When it comes to advertisements which violate Facebook’s rules of conduct, it is very difficult to activate a banned ads account on Facebook. It goes to the extent of maintaining a database of digital footprints which prevents people from re-running the banned advertisements again from different accounts. Facebook can either disapprove your advertisement or straight away ban your ads account. Facebook doesn’t take the step of banning an account unless it receives multiple reports of violations.

Banned ads account

We are going to focus on banned ad accounts of Facebook. If the banned ads account is a personal ads account the only way to get it back is to be persistent with the appeals process. People have had to wait for weeks to get their accounts reinstated. The appeals process will make you talk to Facebook support multiple times. It can be a tiring process but it is worthwhile if it gets your ads account reinstated. However tiring it might seem to be. the most successful appeals are the ones which accept and acknowledge the breach of rules and commit to never repeat them. This is the only legitimate way you can activate a banned ads account on Facebook.

If the appeals process fails

If the above appeals process doesn’t bear any fruits then, there are ways to get around the hindrance. The most common and effective method to re-run your advertisements is to ask someone else do it. This is important because, as mentioned before it is not possible to start a new account yourself for those advertisements. Asking someone else to do it is one of the most effective ways to get around this problem. Getting someone you trust to start a business manager account is the first step which needs to followed up by them giving you administrator privileges for that account. This solves the problem because of the change in IP address and the usage of a different digital footprint. This doesn’t leave an alternative to trying to activate a banned ads account on Facebook.

Be sure about the problem

Remember, this will work only when you know for sure that your advertisements are not problematic. Most people don’t realize if it was the general negative feedback or a specific ad post which caused the problem. To get to the root of the problem, you should first try to run the same advertisement from a different ads account before resorting to the steps mentioned above. This will help you in isolating the problematic element. This is important to prevent it from recurring in other business manager accounts.

This is also a big reason why running ad accounts through a business manager account is significantly easier. It is difficult to deal with a personal ad account getting banned because of how closely it is scrutinized by Facebook. This is done to avoid the same person from trying to rerun the ad again from a different account. You won’t have this problem if you have a business manager account.

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