image for website ranking


image for website ranking

Ranking is always exceptional. It is much needed in a competitive world. It is like a grading to our skills in where we stand. For instance, website ranking is also among them. Website ranking determines your website traffic caused by the user in using your website. In a lot of cases, we observe the first page displayed is always the oldest page. Website ranking needs a lot of patience.

Here are some things to keep in mind for a website to rank:

Writing prominent content for website ranking.

For anything that involves a book or website, the content plays an important role in popularising the content. We see why a certain book or website gets hype, because it has great content which attract the users to the website for website ranking.

 And also the content which was popular ages ago might need some upgradation to keep the content intact for the website ranking.

Attracting natural users for website ranking.

 Natural is always the best. Whatever things we might do to get instant results just bring momentary happiness, even with that happines that last only a limited time. People still go for it. But at the end of the day people choose natural ways in finding happiness.

 Similarly, for a website to be at a certain rank natural users are necessary. Some might buy users so they could increase ranking with money. After they achieve a particular rank the company decides to stop paying and look for natural users. But slowly the rank decreases which affects the website. So it is important to attract natural users because if they like the content they come back again and again to your website.

Boosting the speed of the website

Have you ever suffered a slow internet. The word itself makes you turn red and you let out a sigh. No words are needed to describe it. For a happy user, the speed of the website is essential. Poor speed can drive people away from your website which can affect the website ranking.

In the same emanner, the topic is applicable for website ranking. It is very important to boost the speed of the website. Over the internet there are numbe of services provided for boosting the speed of your site. All you have to do is paste your site lnk and you are good to go.

Making it work for mobile

Nowadays people are using a lot more mobile phones than laptops of PCs. justbecause they are easy to carry and smartphones today have everything in them. 

In this situation, when you are uploading content for a blog or a website make sure it could appear in mobile format also. Because when you choose a desktop setting, the users that open your site from the mobile browser have to zoom in the content to read and this may take a lot of time to grasp the content. This may cause the user to exit the site.

Improving user experience

If a user check in to your site he ha sto get what he wantsthrough your website. It is very important to have and iseal site. Here are some which might put off user experience.

  • Unnecesary Content-for example you are in a visa interview then the interviewer asks ‘you are you from?’ You say ‘I am from India. India is a land of culture , various languages and heritage. It has 28 states and 4 newly aded states with 7 union…..’. Over writing or over description puts off the interview. The same happens with the user loging in to your website. So cut straight to the point with a shaort description.
  • Too much animation– for a site to look attractive the site needs to have good graphic designs, but too much can make waste. Too much vibrant colors and unnecessary animation can make it weird for users to use the site. Simple is always appreciated. Simple dosen mean basic
  • Using headings– using headings such as h1 or h2 tags are necessary which makes the user to understand what information the website provided. If we see long paragraphs we just scan through it so headings are important in grabbing attention of the content that the user in looking forward to.

Optimising thing on your site

Enhancing is always a boon to the things that already existed. Enhancing always improves the beauty rather than changing it for the beauty. From time to time there are few things that need enhancement to increase website ranking.

The main thing that needs constant enhancement is image. When upgrading a site one needs to change alt attributes that can show up when people search for in google which can lead to a desired website ranking.

Improving local search. Local search is something that targets a specific area in the earth. It can be done by adding the address of the office to the website so it can bring local users and can hype website ranking.

Rankings websites need a lot of patients and harwork.We observe the first page displaying when you search something is always old. With proper keywords the first appeared page has more traffic and the pages after attract that are 5% less traffic.

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