How to measure your social media presence

Recently, social media has become a potentially new way for businesses to disseminate and evaluate their profit outputs. Eventually enterprises have started promoting their products to a wide range of audiences via social media platforms. Here are few ways by which you can monitor your social media presence:

1. Brand awareness

The popularity of your brand is directly proportional to the amount of promotions and activeness you show on social media. The ultimate goal of most businesses is to increase sales and income. Gradually, you want to
attract new customers to your products and encourage repeat purchases. Through out this process your presence on social media determines how efficiently you increase your sales. Therefore brand awareness is a very virtuous tool to determine social media presence

How to Find Your Social Media Presence "Sweet Spot" | Rival IQ
2. E-commerce

A key challenge for e-commerce organizations is to understand customer requirements and to develop their
Web presence and back-office operations accordingly. An organization with a Web site that is difficult to use and
interact with will project a poor image on the Internet and weaken the organizations position. It is therefore
important that an organization be able to make an assessment of the quality of their e-commerce offering, as
perceived by their customers and in the context of the industry. In doing so, organizations can improve their
offerings over time and benchmark against competitors and best practice in any industry.

3. customer support

Customer support, such as equipment maintenance and repair, is an essential element in the successful marketing of a wide range of products, from computer systems to domestic appliances. Consequently, companies need to establish and maintain appropriate channels for high‐quality customer support; either as a part of their own operations or through third parties. 

4. Engagement with audience

Finally the last way to determine your social presence is by calculating and monitoring your audience engagement. This could be in various forms such as number of likes, comments, Direct messages etc.

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