Impact of COVID-19 on education system

Every sector has had some or the other impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the sectors effected badly by the pandemic is the education sector . It has enforced the world wide lock down creating very bad effect on the students’ life. Around 32 crore learners stopped to moving to schools/colleges. All educational activities halted in India. 4 ways in which the education system has been effected in India are:

Educational activity hampered

Classes have been suspended and exams at different levels postponed. Different boards have already postponed the annual examinations and entrance tests. There is a massive delay in the Admission process . Due to continuity in lockdown, student suffered a loss of nearly 3 months of the full academic year of 2020-21. Which is going to further downgrade the situation of continuity in education . And the students would face much difficulty in resuming schooling again after a huge gap.

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Impact on employment

Most of the recruitment got postponed due to COVID-19. These include placements for students . It may also be affected with companies delaying the on board of students. Unemployment rate is expected to be increased due to this pandemic. In India, there is no recruitment in Govt. sector. And fresh graduates fear withdrawal of their job offers from private sectors because of the current situation. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’s estimates on unemployment shot up from 8.4% in mid-March to 23% in early April. And the urban unemployment rate to 30.9% (Educationasia.in). When the unemployment increases then the education gradually decreases as people struggle for food rather than education.

Unprepared teachers/students for online education

Not all teachers/students are good at the online medium of education. Or at least not all of them were ready for this transition from face to face learning to online learning. Most of the teachers are just conducting lectures on video platforms such as Zoom, Google meet etc. Which may not be real online learning without any dedicated online learning platform.

Reduced global employment opportunity

Some may lose their jobs from other countries due to the hiked unemployment rate . And the pass out students may not get their job outside India due to restrictions caused by COVID-19. Many Indians might have returned home after losing their jobs overseas due to COVID-19. Hence, the fresh students who are likely to enter the job market shortly may face difficulty in getting suitable employment. Many students who have already got jobs through campus interviews may not be able to join their jobs due to lockdown.

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