Misleading perceptions about digital marketing

Digitalization is continuously forming our daily lives and routines. It offers us not only new and fascinating
opportunities as consumers. But also creates possibilities unavailable to companies. Digital marketing as a new medium in various business contexts has received much attention among researchers and practitioners. There are a few perceptions that people have about digital marketing that tend to be misleading.

Digital marketing costs more

Cos efficiency is one of the factors that determines your marketing strategy. There exists a myth that digital marketing has more money involved than traditional marketing. Eventually if a person understands the concept of digital marketing, it becomes obvious that it has benefits in the long run.

Digital marketing is not beneficial for micro-enterprises

A lot of people believe that digital marketing is only meant for big companies. Small scale business and micro enterprises should not indulge in it. Well the reality is that digital marketing helps small scale business the most. It ensures that they can reach their rightful audience without any haphazard actions. Eventually Digital marketing has a huge impact on the functioning of small scale business.

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It does not create a brand name

When examining the new micro-enterprises’ objectives for digital marketing, new customer acquisition, maintenance and development of customer relationships, and brand creation are the ones that stand out. These findings correspond to previous studies’ perceptions about the possibilities of digital marketing and its tools in terms of building customer relationships and brands.

It is time consuming

If done properly, digital marketing requires a steady yet less time. Traditional marketing can increase costs and the capabilities in targeting also tend to vary when considering different channels. Additionally, banner advertising is perceived as more suitable for the B2C market than the B2B market. All this makes traditional marketing quite cumbersome and less efficient.

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