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Social media has always been the latest trend since the day it set foot into people’s lives. It had always been a means of communication. People use it for different means like staying connected with our loved ones to know about what is happening in the outside world. Today the world can also use social media for marketing.  It is nothing but a good platform to promote related content that could increase the customers to your company or website.

And also it is a great platform to interact with customers. There are a lot of social media platforms for marketing. Here are the top social media platforms that could bring hype to your company or website.


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Facebook was the first ever social media app that created a lot of hype. It had a wide spectrum of users and it was a huge hit during the times. Till today the users keep increasing even with the launch of new social media platforms. Moreover, it is easy for social media marketing because it is easy to use in connecting with the customers. The content sharing, video sharing, photo sharing and live chating makes it easier to market their business and attract users.


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Instagram is also the most used platform for social media marketing after Facebook. and also like Facebook it also has the features to share images, videos and content. There are also new features called IGTV, this helps to advertise longer videos. It has a wide range of users . If your main audience is women then  Instagram is the platform for marketing as it attracts women a lot.


whatsapp bussiness

Whatsapp is used by everyone in India. It is connected to a phone number and used as a messenger to share files, videos and messages. There is also another app which is called Whatsapp Business. It is the same as that of a whatsapp in terms of messaging and all. But Whatsapp Business main goal is to connect customers and business. It is usually used for small businesses for example, homemade chocolate business and bouquet business. That doesn’t need a huge site. But anyone can use Whatsapp Business to connect with customers other than Facebook and Instagram.


twitter media marketing

Twitter is a very popular app that has worldwide recognition. It is used by a wide range of users like celebrities, sports persons, politicians and a lot of VIPs. And it is also easy to use and helps a lot in communicating with people. In marketing tweets are your source and a single tweet allows only 280 characters to post a tweet. you can create several threads like this relating to the post.


snap chat

We can see a lot of users using Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Snapchat is also used for social media marketing. The stories, reels and video sharing was first adopted by Snapchat. Then these became a part in all social media. It is user friendly and helps you to share videos. 

To this day Social media marketing has always been on top and there are new isers everyday. To conclude, Social media marketing is always effective which can never go wasted. And also there are few things to be remembered. You should choose a media platform that is suitable for the targeted audience for you company programe.

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