This Privacy Policy identifies and describes the way Proffus Private Limited (“Proffus”) uses and protects the information we collect about Customers and Users. All uses of Proffus’ products and services, as well as visits to our websites, are subject to this Privacy Policy. This Policy applies to all Customers and Users. The Customer who holds the account with Proffus is responsible for making sure all family members or other Users under the same account understand and agree to this Policy. Information that you provide to non-Proffus companies is not covered by this Policy and Proffus shall have no responsibility for protecting any such information divulged by Customer/User to a non-Proffus company.


As used in this Policy, the terms listed below have the following meanings:


– A “Customer” is anyone who purchases Proffus products or services. When a Customer purchases retail products or services for use by others, those individuals also may be considered Customers for purposes of this Policy.


– A “User” is anyone who visits our websites.

Personal Information

– “Personal Information” is information that directly identifies or reasonably can be used to identify an individual Customer or User. Examples including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and financial account number etc. Personal Information does not include information that is readily available to the public through no fault of Servetel.

Anonymous Information

– “Anonymous Information” means information that does not directly identify and cannot reasonably be used to identify an individual Customer or User.

Aggregate Information

– “Aggregate Information” means information about groups or categories of Customers or Users, which does not identify and cannot reasonably be used to identify an individual Customer or User. Aggregate Information is a kind of Anonymous Information.


– “Website” means any page or location on the Internet, no matter what device (cell phone, lap top, PC, etc.) or protocol (http, WAP, ftp or other) is used to access the page or location. In this Policy, we use the term website other similar terms such as “Internet site,” “site,” and “web page.”

1. Information –

We may collect different types of personal and other information based on your use of our products and services and our business relationship with you, including contact information, billing information, equipment, performance, Proffus’ website usage, viewing and other technical information about your use of our network, services, products or websites, Information may be collected when you give it to us with the intent to purchase or interact with us about a product or service we offer or provide; when we collect it automatically when you visit our websites or use our products and services; or when we obtain it from other sources, such as credit agencies. Proffus may collect/store your calls and SMSs and content thereof, received or initiated using the Services, including but not limited to, details of the phone numbers that interact with your account, IVR content and call recordings; and Information which it may automatically receive and record on its server logs from your internet browser, including but not limited to, your IP address, cookie information and details of the web pages you request. In order to register on the Website and use the Services, you are required to share the Information for the effective performance of the Services.

Information collected while using the Services through Mobile Application: when you use solutions provided by Proffus through mobile applications, including but not limited to Proffus dashboard, IVR solutions, Automated Voice Technology, Inbound Call Solutions, Proffus may collect information including but not limited to device id, text, graphics, software, phone contacts, photos, videos, music, film clips, digital content, audiovisual combinations, interactive features, call records and other materials that you may view on, access through, or upload to the product or services. Call logs and recordings are available both in Proffus’s database as well as the mobile application, while rest of the information accessed remains on the customer’s device unless saved specifically by the customer on Proffus’s application. We may access the call logs on your device to integrate them with Proffus’s mobile app. This is used to provide call analytics and a studied pattern of usage for the customer. However, customer can choose to mark calls as personal and disable this feature. All such calls will then be excluded from the analytics. Proffus does not store any of the personal call logs on its server.

Our goal of collecting your information is to provide you with the best customer experience possible by communicating with you regarding service updates, offers and promotions; delivering advertising that may be of interest to you; addressing network and security issues; investigating or taking action regarding illegal activities or violations of our Terms of Use or other policies, as may be laid out in our website from time to time. We collect some information on an anonymous basis and may anonymize the personal information we collect about you into data groups. When we employ non-Proffus companies to anonymize or aggregate data on our behalf, the requirements for sharing Personal Information with non-companies apply. We may share aggregate or anonymous information in various formats with trusted non-Proffus entities, with whom we have contracted with to aggregate such data and may work with those entities to do research and provide products and services. When Proffus jointly provides a service with a non-Proffus company, your Personal Information may be subject to both this Policy and the privacy policy of the non-Proffus company. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any non- Proffus company with which we do business to determine what information will be collected and how it will be used or disclosed to others.

2. Disclosure –

We do not sell your Personal Information to anyone for any purpose, and we maintain information about you in our business records while you are a customer, or until it is no longer needed for business, tax, or legal purposes. We have implemented encryption or other appropriate security controls to protect Personal Information when stored or transmitted by Proffus. Subject to applicable legal restrictions, such as those that exist for Customer proprietary network information and other information applicable under the Information Technology Act 2000 and its applicable Rules, the Proffus family of companies may share your Personal Information with each other to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible, and you have the full benefit of what Proffus and its subsidiaries have to offer. Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is information that relates to the quantity, configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of the telecommunications services you purchase from us, as well as the information contained in your bills for those services. We collect CPNI in the normal course of providing you with telecommunications services. Your telephone number, name and address are not CPNI. We share your Personal Information only with non-Proffus companies that perform services on our behalf, and only as necessary for them to perform those services. We require those non-Proffus companies to protect any Personal Information they may receive in a manner consistent with this policy, and we do not provide Personal Information to non-Proffus companies for the marketing of their own products and services without your consent. We may provide Personal Information to non-Proffus companies or other third parties for purposes such as emergencies, pursuant to court orders, identity verification to prevent fraud and identity theft, enforcing of property rights, or obtaining payment for products and services that appear on your Proffus billing statements.

3. Privacy Controls –

You can review and correct your Personal Information collected by us. We are happy to correct information found to be inaccurate. Customers may verify that appropriate corrections have been made. However, it may be noted that Proffus, its subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties shall not be responsible for the accuracy and/or authenticity of the Information supplied by you and Proffus hereby disclaims any and all liability arising out of or in connection with the accuracy and/or authenticity of the Information.

4. Internet-based Advertising –

Proffus uses cookies to store information that can be used to serve ads relevant to your interests and to help our advertisers measure the effectiveness of a particular advertisement. You hereby acknowledge that Proffus uses cookies while providing access to its Website and Services and consent to its continued use of the same. For the purpose of clarity, ‘cookies’ are small files that a website or service provider transfers to your computer and/or hard drive through your web browser, provided you consent to the same, that enables the websites’ or service providers’ systems to recognize your web browser and capture and retain certain information. This helps us tailor ads to your interests. These cookies can not only help us ensure that you do not repeatedly see the same ads but (if you are opt-out) they can also help us prevent you from seeing targeted ads at all. The information collected with these cookies is not personally-identifiable, and we do not associate it with your Personal Information. You may opt-out of Proffus use of data for internet-based advertising. Please keep in mind that even after you opt-out, you may still continue to see ads, but they will no longer be tailored to your interests. Opting-out also does not remove Proffus cookies. They will remain on your computer, but we will not use the data connected to your cookie for our services. Please note that if you delete your cookies, you will need to opt-out again to avoid being served targeted ads in the future. Users can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you reject cookies, you may still use our site, but your ability to use some features or areas of our site may be limited. To opt-out of the benefits of our targeted ads, click here: Disable Proffus Cookie. We have relationships with other third-party advertising companies to place advertisements on this website and other websites, and to perform tracking and reporting functions for this website and other websites. These third-party advertising companies may place cookies on your computer when you visit our website or other websites so that they can display targeted advertisements to you. These third-party advertising companies do not collect Personal Information in this process, and we do not give any Personal Information to them. However, this Privacy Statement does not cover the collection methods or use of the information collected by these entities.

5. Exclusions/ External Links –

Information that you provide to non-Proffus companies is not covered by this Policy. For example: When you download applications or make an online purchase from a non-Proffus company while using Proffus’ services or click on certain links which may direct you to other websites not maintained by Proffus (the “Third Party Website”), the information collected by the non-Servetel company/ Third Party Website is not subject to this Policy. If you use public forums — such as social networking services, Internet bulletin boards, chat rooms, or blogs on Proffus or non-Proffus websites — you should be aware that any Personal Information you disclose publicly can be read, collected, or used by others. Once you choose to reveal Personal Information on such a site, the information is publicly available, and Proffus cannot prevent distribution and use of that information by other parties. You hereby further acknowledge and agree that Proffus has no control over the Information in such an event. Proffus urges you to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of every such Third Party Website and in this regard, Servetel hereby expressly disclaims all liabilities with respect to the manner in which the Third Party Website collects and/or uses the Information. Proffus may enter into written product or service agreements with business customers that contain specific provisions related to the confidentiality, security or other handling of information. When provisions of a written product or service agreement differ from or conflict with the provisions of this Policy, the terms of the written agreement will apply. In all other instances, the terms of this Policy apply.

6. Security –

We have established electronic and administrative safeguards designed to secure the information we collect, to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of that information and to ensure it is used appropriately. Although we strive to keep your Personal Information secure, no security measures are absolute, and we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Policy (for example, as the result of unauthorized acts by third parties that violate the law or this Policy). We will make reasonable attempts to notify you if we determine that Proffus has experienced a security breach and there is a reasonably likely risk of identity theft, or where otherwise required by law.

7. Policies –

We have established policies and practices to meet the expectations of Customers and potential customers who have expressed a desire to limit certain types of solicitation communications from Servetel, including marketing contacts made via telephone, e-mail and text messaging. You can also request to be removed from these telemarketing lists when you receive a marketing or promotional call. Where required by laws and/or regulations, we honor requests from businesses to be removed from our telemarketing lists. The TRAI maintains a National Do Not Call Registry at “”. Putting your number on these Registries also may limit our telemarketing calls to that number. Our practices as described above are designed to satisfy legal requirements limiting marketing contacts. You should know that those laws and regulations — such as the requirements governing the national “Do Not Call” lists — generally permit companies to contact their own current and, in some cases, former customers, even when those customers are listed on the national “Do Not Call” lists. Similarly, restricting our use of your CPNI will not eliminate all types of Servetel marketing contacts.

8. Online Advertising –

Proffus works hard to detect and prevent junk e-mails (also referred to as “spam” e-mails) from ever reaching your computer. However, if you are receiving unwanted spam from a Servetel e-mail address, please contact us for assistance at

Third-party marketing providers or we may use your information for marketing of our products, services, offers, and discounts only as per your pre-selected marketing preferences and applicable laws. We use Google Ads Remarketing to advertise our products and services across the Internet. Google Ads remarketing will display ads to you based on what parts of the website you have viewed by placing a cookie on your web browser. It also shows ads to the people who share a similar interest and characteristics to our site visitors. The cookie does not in any way identify you or give access to your computer or mobile device. Google AdWords Remarketing allows us to tailor our marketing to better suit your needs and only ads that are relevant to you.

If you do not wish to see ads from the Servetel you can opt out in several ways:

  1. Opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.
  2. Opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

9. Account Set-Up –

When selecting User names and passwords for Servetel accounts, you should choose words or characters that are not obvious. Likewise, you should always keep Personal Information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords or similar information in a secure place and not share the information with others.

10. Minors –

Proffus is not intended for or designed to attract users under the age of 18 and we do not intentionally or knowingly collect personal information on our websites from anyone under the age of 18. We encourage parents to be involved in the online activities of their children/minors to ensure that no information is collected from a child without parental permission.

11. Support Data

Support Data is the information we collect when you submit a support request or run an automated troubleshooter, including information about hardware, software, and other details related to the support incident, such as: contact or authentication information, chat session personalization, information about the condition of the machine and the application from when the fault occurred and during diagnostics, system and registry data about software installations and hardware configurations, and error-tracking files. We use Support Data as described in this privacy statement, and additionally use it to resolve your support incident and for training purposes.

12. Payment Data –

Payment Data is the information that you provide when you make online purchases. This may include your payment instrument number (e.g., credit card, PayPal), your name and billing address, and the security code associated with your payment instrument (e.g., the CSV or CVV). You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Payment Data, to the extent consisting of details related to the manner and mode of payment of fees for the use of the Website and Services (such as details of your bank account, credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.), submitted by you while making payment of fees: (a) goes through the safe and secure transaction process provided by Proffus’ payment gateway partners; (b) goes through the Visa or Mastercard pages, as the case may be, based on your payment method(s) in order to prevent any misuse of your payment details; and (c) that such payment details are not shared with the Website, Servetel, its subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties or any other users of the Website and Services.

13. Business Transfer –

Information about our Customers and Users, including Personal Information, may be transferred as part of any merger, acquisition, sale of company assets, or transition of service to another provider, as well as in the unlikely event of an insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership in which Customer and User records would be transferred to another entity as a result of such a proceeding, you acknowledge and agree that the Information may form part of the transferred assets. You further acknowledge that the acquirer or successor of Proffus may continue to use the Information in the manner set forth herein, provided that Proffus shall make reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the acquirer or successor keeps the Information that they may receive from Proffus confidential as per industry standards.

14. Policy Changes and Updates –

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy as necessary to reflect any changes we make and to satisfy legal requirements. If we make a material change to this Policy, we will post a prominent notice of the change on our websites, and provide you with other appropriate notice and choice regarding the use of your information, at least 30 days before the effective date. Please check our websites periodically for changes to this Privacy Policy. You hereby acknowledge and agree that your continued use of the Website and Services constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates hereto.

15. Grievance Officer –

We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about our privacy practices and policies. You may e-mail us at If you believe you have been aggrieved by any act of ours in violation of the law, we encourage you to contact us directly to resolve your question or issue. Other rights and remedies also may be available to you under applicable Indian laws.

16. Your Consent –

By using Proffus’ website and/or registering for and using the Services, you consent to our privacy policy. In the event that you do not agree with and/or consent to the terms and conditions set out herein, please do not use or access the Website and Services. You hereby acknowledge and agree that by mere use of the Website and Services, you expressly consent Proffus’ collection, receipt, storage, processing, disclosure, transfer, dealing with and handling of the Customer Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You understand that while your account is active to use the Website and Services, Servetel, its subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties engaged by it, may retain your Information and use it in any manner in order to comply with its contractual obligations and other obligations under applicable law. In the event that you wish to withdraw your consent to Servetel’s collection, receipt, storage, processing, disclosure, transfer, dealing with and handling of the Information, you may contact Proffus at, informing Servetel of your withdrawal of consent to its use as aforesaid of your Information. You hereby acknowledge and agree that in case you withdraw your consent to Proffus’ use and disclosure of your Information as provided for in this Privacy Policy, Proffus hereby expressly reserves the right to discontinue provision of access to the Website and Services at its own sole discretion.