Social Media Advertising vs. TV Ads

You are currently thinking about how to maximize your marketing budget. So you are considering what type of commercials you should create. Also, what would be the best channels and times would work best. But have you thought about going social? People no longer watch TV like they did before. On-demand and digital networks have made traditional TV ads less effective than ever. Social media advertising, on the other hand, has become a great tool for businesses and people alike to reach their precise target audience. Something to remember is that the world has gone digital. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of the social media platforms have become more than just forms of entertainment. Now, these platforms are entertainment, news delivery platforms,  customer service platforms and interactive platforms.

Why social media advertisement is better than tv ads?

To target consumers that now eschew watching TV in favor of trading Snapchat Stories, browsing through Instagram photos. And/or immersed in their favorite YouTuber’s latest video, brands are diverting marketing budgets away from television ads and investing in social advertising strategies instead. According to eMarketer, spending on digital advertising will surpass television ad spending for the first time in 2017. Marking a notable shift in how brands are targeting and interacting with today’s younger, tech-savvy consumers.

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Advantage of social media ads over tv ads

Social media advertising leverages the power of social networks to target users who have already expressed an interest in a specific product or service. Thus increasing the efficacy of social advertising campaigns and creating a better experience for consumers. While television ads can target broad audience demographics, social advertising excels at identifying niche markets. And using social media influencers that operate within those markets to message and interact personally to millions of interested consumers, dedicated fans, and engaged followers.

Marketing on social media platforms also has an advantage over television. Because, unlike TV ads, social advertising fosters communication between brand and consumer (often expressed in likes, comments, tweets, and social shares). And facilitates immediate feedback regarding a company’s products or services. Because social advertising exists within a social community, social media marketing campaigns yield higher levels of engagement. And create “halo effects” wherein users magnify the reach of each campaign by sharing branded or brand-sponsored content within their own social circles.

Lastly, social advertising is particularly effective at targeting today’s most prized marketing demographic: Millennials.

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