mini mad email marketing tools


Email marketing is a platform which helps us to send a particular business or commercial message to the people or customers through the means of email. As a result, they get customers and subscribers. Tools for Email marketing  help a particular organization for better marketing techniques.

Tolls are used everywhere to make things easy. It is used in cooking, housework and also beauty. We can say technology is also a tool for easy usage of services that can offer a man king. Tools are an essential part for anything. Similarly there are also tools for email marketing. With better email marketing tools one can create welcome messages and can even offer vouchers through emails in a bulk.



mini mad email marketing tools

Mad mimi helps us to create beautiful emails that can attract subscribers. Moreover, the emails sent can be tracked for the results that are obtained in we can divide mails based on the topic of the proggrame that they are fit for. And also it is easy to use and dosent need any training. In this platform we can slo set the time of the emails in and orderly fashion.


mailer lite

With mailer lite you can get popular and win a lot of subscribers in a short time. But it has to be used in an efficient way.mailer lite is free until you reach subscribers of 1000 . and also you can set time to the emails . in msiler lite the subcribtin increases with the increase in subscribers. 


sending blue tool

Sendinblue is very popular and it is widely used . It also has a set up in the major languages of the worldlike English, French, Italian etc. it comes with a free plan and we can send emails to ‘n’ number of subcribbers. If you want advanced features such as email layout optimization. You need to buy a monthly pla which starts from 25$ a month.


mailchimp tool

Mailchimp is a tool for email marketing that focuses mainly on start ups. It is very cost effective and has low subscription rates. There are a lot of attractive and advanced features so that a start up company could use them effectively. And also it focuses oncontent, design and data analysis. Moreover, it is also available on the browsers so one dont need to instal the software in the computer or laptop.


tools for email marketing

Bench mark is a simple tool to use for email marketing. In thi stools you can edit email templates. It is also available in eight languages. It is free till you obtain 2k subscribers and u cna lso send unlimited emails for upto 14k mails. And the payment plan starts from 14$ a month . and also it has the features of video marketing.


tools for email marketing

Send pulse is a tool for email marketing that is  the best in managing emails. It made a good influence on every marketing campaign. And also it detects the influence on conduct and every single action that you do regarding email marketing. Like it keeps a track or record what you are doing regarding marketing. Free plan users can send upto 15k emails. And all features are provided even for a free plan user.


 email marketing

Convertkit was initially created for vloggers and bloggers. It is easy to use and has email automation. There are also page editors. By using a convert kit one can create unlimited numbers of mails. There you can also make use of text and pattern in the features available. For a month, it cost about $29 a month . There is also a free trial available.


tools for email markeitng

This marketing tool is popular and a lot of countries use it for better email marketing. The emails that you need to send are limited in mailjet. It permits you to only send upto 6k mails for a month which is pretty much less compared to  other tools available. The monthly plan starts from $9.65 a month.


 email marketing

Active campaigner is easy to use and is user friendly. It helps the company to be in touch with the subscribers. And also it has features like email split testing, smart auto responders and sales automation. There are different plans starting from 15$ a month.


tools for email marketing

A weber is a tool for email marketing that is useful for start up companies and small business . ther are a lot of tools available. It has a strict email structure but is still easy to use. Free to use with sending 500 emails a month. The monthly plan starts from 19$.

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