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Technology as we know had always been evolving. Man designs technology according to his own convenience. Then came barcodes and bar lines that determined something. From them came QR code. And they is a type of matrix barcode first developed and use in 1994 in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. In practice, QR codes often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application.

for instance, they changed the game for the world which made everything easier. It supports tipping at a restaurant, collecting wedding gifts, even homeless people are using QR codes to receive handouts. These codes made everything amazing. 

QR codes represent a hyperlink or piece of tet, which can be read by scanning the code.. These encodings are often seen in Quick response format. They are widely used in Japan and China. Scannable codes became popular in Japan in 2002. Then mobile internet was poor. There were no wifis. Popularizing thesecodes were the main goal for advertisers. And this evolved in time . and we see many countries using QR codes.

From big cities to remote villages, the codeconomy is already changing the social behaviour of people. The coronavirus pandemic has taught people to use QR codes in new and broader ways. This presents a great opportunity to shake up international payment systems with their wildly expensive commissions – and move to something better. 

In developed countries, they are mainly used as graphical hyperlinks leading to sites or other information. However, with QR codes, you can also create a cashless payment infrastructure – quickly and inexpensively. 

COVID-19 has forced authorities in various countries to implement QR codes actively used to track the health status of citizens and their movements. They are becoming a familiar part of everyday life, making it not only  possible but necessary to expand the scope and use of this technology.


source for QR code
  • A QR code can be generated by anyone, however it is usually sellers that generate QR codes. The process looks like this:
  • The seller creates a QR code and shows it to the buyer.
  • The buyer scans the code using their banking or finance application and clicks the “Pay” button.
  • The monetary transfer is sent to the seller’s bank.
  • The seller receives a payment confirmation and the payments system issues a receipt to the buyer.


  • they are far more than just digital barcodes. They can be used to link a mobile device to the ‘Like’ button on your Facebook page, or to send users directly to your Twitter or LinkedIn page.
  • Did you know that using codes can enhance not only your social media optimisation but also your search engine optimisation.
  • QR codes go one step further, letting you measure your results based on leads and clicks. You can use link-shortening services such as google to automatically generate codes that will let you share shortened links – they also give you useful analytics!
  • Print media such as flyers, brochures, billboards and business cards don’t have a direct link to your online media such as your website.
  • Moreover, Customers love them because they make transactions easier. No more writing down web addresses and phone numbers or remembering to visit a website later – a quick scan of the code and they’re calling your business or filling out a contact form on your website. 


There are several risks to consider with QR codes because they are kept where the codes attract a lot of people.

Making your calendar, contacts, and even credit card information available to criminals.

Stealing your Facebook, Google, and other passwords and posting without your knowledge or permission.

Infecting your device with malware that can disable it.

Tracking your location for criminal purposes.

And there is nothing to worry about QR Codes make life easier but take precautions and improve security code for your qr code point. Then you are good to go.

Hope this article helps. That’s all folks!