10 Tips and Trick for Whatsapp.

Social Media is a must to possess in this digital world. It is personal and can be used in any means possible. In today’s world, even the social media apps keep updatingand new features keep on adding. For insatnce, let’s talk about whatspp. It is an app used for messaging  and video conferrecing and keping a track of what is happening in ours and our contact daily lives. Whatsapp before facebook urchades was not the same as how it is now. There used to be no status option and much more. There are certains tips and tricks in using whatspp. Here are 10 tips and tricks:

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks.



When someone sends you a picture the message gets instantly downloaded and you can view the image instantly. Moreover, as days pass the picture get auto downloaded even when you dont use whatsapp. It only need a bit of data. The solution for this is turning of your auto download option available in your whatsapp.

Step: Go to whatsapp Menu > setting > storage and media > media auto download. And then turn off the auto downloading aption.

It saves you from unnecessary storage the downloaded images take place. Once you deactivate auto downloa dthe image only download when you personally click on it.


Did you know that there is an optionin Whatsapp with which you can only reply  to that message.  You might be wondering if everyone can do that, it’s simple. But it needs a little trick to be done. You can do it in 2 ways 

One: Go to any chat in whatsapp > select the message by holding it for a long time > in the top of the chat 5 symbols are displayed > click on left turn arrow mark > an dthe reply box is directed to the message.

Two: Go to whatsapp chat> just swipe the message from left to right and the message is directed to the reply box.

This reply option to only a particular message is helpful to reply to a particular message that has been so long to answer.


When you send a text message or picture in WHtapp. How do we know that the message is reached to them and they read the message. It is throught the tick marks. If there is a single tick the message reched but the user in not online if there are two tick. Then the user is online but still did not see your message. If there are 2 blue ticks then the  user saw your message. 

Some of youmight prefer going anonymous in viewing some one status. So you can diable read receipt. now you can view the message you received but the other person geting does not know the you saw theri message. For them it is still 2 plain ticks even if you saw their message.

Step: go to Whatsapp setting . account > privacy> read recipient should is diabled.


The default setting might always be boring if you typing asettain notice in the chat box. For instance, there are also different formats in highlighting your text message to make a message more meaningful.

Some of the formats are.

  • For bold text : use  ‘*’ in the beginning an dending of the text. For example, *any word*.
  • italics font : use ‘_’. For example _anytext_.
  • strikethrough: use ‘~’. For example, ~anyword~.
  • mono space text use ‘. for example, ‘anytext’.


Someone is creating fuss in keping track of your whatsapp usage or else you are gettin unnecessary attention when you are using whatsapp. You can just disable your last seen. By disabling last seen only can ot view the time you exit whatsapp. They only shown that you are online

Step: whatsapp menu > setting > privacy > click on last seen > click on nobody. And now you are good to go no can keep a record of your whatsapp tiing now.


How o one send their location? Then you might thinkgoogle maps is the key. For that you need to excit your Whatsapp search for the location then share it to your contact list. But now that is not needed. So, If you are waiting for a frend in a particular place and she is unable to find it then you can send your location to our friends via whaspp also.

Step: go to the individual chat box > click on paperclip >  then a lot of adoption open > clik on location > send your location to your friend.


There are important messages that are useful to you anytim. And you now need not worry of keeping track aboutthe date in your mnd and scroll through the chat for so long. For instance, in a live chat if you feel that this message might be helpful to me in future or any upcoming day. You can just star them and store them.

Step: To star the message long press on the message: then top the chat 4 symbols willbe displayed > then choose the star option > and your message is starred.

How to view starred message: o to whats app menu> click on starred messages> then you are good to go.


This is the latest feature in Whatsapp. If you enable a disappearing images to an individual chat. The message sent in a particular day, will disappear after 7 days. For understanding mroe about diaapearing message click here.


You want to make only your chat disappear from your whatsapp chat diplay page for a short span of time. Then you can archive your chats. Archive dosent mean deleting the chat. It is just disappearing from the chat for a short period.

Step:to archive a chat. Go to whatspp> select a chat box that you want to hide> then toward the top few symbols are displayed > click on the downward aromark on a box> then your chat is archived.

To view archived chats or to unarchive: scroll to the top of the chat>  clik on archived>  select the contact> click on the upward arrow mark among the symbols. Then the chat is unarchieved.


If you are tensed about the pop up notification of whatsapp on a screen when you give your phone to the children of your friend. Now one likes displaying their privacy to anyone. Even the person seeing other people’s chats might feel embarrassed. To  solve this problem there is a way in whatspp.

Step: Go to whatspp menu> stetting > notifications > toggle off show notifications.

This is all about the tricks and tips of whatsapp. Not only magic can play tricks and tips on you, even whatsapp can do it.

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