The power of content marketing.

Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing information. The aim of content marketing is to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. Accordingly it is the sharing of tips, advice, and other value-added information as a means of converting prospects into customers . Often these customers are loyal and lifelong buyers.

Make your content easy to read
No one has time to wade through marketing fluff. So don’t let your dear reader down and make them have to read and reread your content. Respect their time and make sure every word you write works really hard to be there.

For example, I could write this piece of content:
Business owners can drive real time-based productivity from cloud-based software when they effectively utilize the benefits given to them by new online applications.”

or I could rewrite it like this:
“If you’re a business owner you could save yourself time by moving to online software.”

Legibility for readers

Let’s think about the example of business owners as your readers. And let’s say you’re in the business of selling invoicing software to that audience. When I think about most business owners, I’m pretty sure they don’t leap out of bed thinking “I want to buy invoicing software!”. No, they are far too busy paying the bills, keeping an eye on cashflow, finding new customers and keeping their head above water. When you get down to the nitty gritty of it, they are seeking content that makes their day-to-day tasks easier.

Your readers are not longing to linger on your campaign if it doesn’t add value. The harsh truth is, they may only give it seconds before skipping on to something more urgent or worthy of their time.

It guarantees results

If you differentiate your content from the tsunami of product pitches out there, your content will stand out from the crowd. Have faith in the long game and dedicate time and energy into building up a pool of great online resources. I have no doubt that your readers will really appreciate and love you all the more for it.

Keep in mind the best content doesn’t just create fans out of your readers, but something even more powerful – it creates advocates. They will want to tweet about it, share it on Facebook and tell their friends. And that’s the type of content that gives you long-term, tangible business benefits. You’ll increase brand awareness, generate a positive reputation, build trust with customers – and of course boost your sales leads.

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