10 things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost

Writing a blog isn’t easy. (Believe me, I know) The internet is replete with blogs on every possible topic in every possible field. From fashion blogs to fitness blogs, people are exploiting what the internet offers i.e. the freedom to write about whatever you like. But for the people who are aiming to set up a blog or have already done so and want people to come back to their blog, here are 10 things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost.

1. The first impression

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It’s generally accepted that people on the internet click on posts only if they are intrigued by the packaging of the site. It’s always encouraged to not to judge a book by its cover but with the abundance of content out there, it makes sense why people are unable to get over the first impression of something. In case of blogs, it’s vital to establish what you are offering stands out on the internet of things. To make it clear that your content deserves the time of the person looking at the title of your blog.

2. Focus on keyphrase

Efficiency with focus keyphrases is an art which makes a world of difference. Keyphrase is basically a set of words which you want to be ranked whenever someone searches for a topic related to what you have written on your blog. For example, if you have written a blogpost on ’10 R&B artists to discover in 2020′, then the keyphrase describing your content most appropriately would be along the lines of ‘R&B artists in 2020’. There are Search Engine Optimization sites which would help you find the most efficient keyphrase.

3. Conciseness counts

Being someone who’s always in a hurry, I know what a really long blog or a really long article can do to me. The most annoying thing you can do to your readers is to make the article unnecessarily lengthy when it could have been packaged in a more concise manner. Nothing creates a better impression than a blog which presents information quickly.

4. Be interactive

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This is an underrated feature which can allow you to create a sense of belongingness with the readers. To encourage them to tell them how your blog helped them or if they have anything else to add is a way to make people more engaged with your content. Obviously not every reader is going to stop and comment on your blog post but the ones who do, will definitely come back to read the replies. Furthermore, for a new reader, looking at comments on a blogpost allows him/her to gauge the credibility of that blogpost.

5. Headers and sub-headers

This is one of the most important lessons (and probably the only important lesson) I learned in school. My English teacher always focused on creating heading and sub-headings. It was only after my school-life ended that I realized how important it is to categorize information in a clean manner. What headers and sub-headers do is that it gives the reader a convenient structure to go through. It allows them to skim through information at their own pace, making it a more comfortable read. This one the most vital things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost.

6. Skeletal outline

As mentioned in the point before, it is convenient for the reader to go through a structure on its face value. To do this, therefore, it becomes pertinent to have an outline in your mind before you set out to the writing part. Having a rough outline allows you to sequence your thoughts more clearly which ultimately makes the blog easier to understand.

7. Avoid jargons

People surfing the internet and stumbling across your blog don’t want complex words that they would need to google. A reader having to change tabs to find out what particular words mean is a big wall between the reader’s attention-span and your content. Avoid using jargons unless they are necessary to explain something.

8. Fonts can be decisive

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To be able to choose a particular font and a font size. Times New Roman is the standard font that most blogging platforms offer as a default option but there are a few alternatives which can be used to make your blog stand out. The color of the text and the size of it can be tailored according to the theme of your blog. Pay attention to these details, they are all part of the experience.

9. Avoid beating around the bush

There is only one more thing which online readers find more annoying than a lengthy blog post and that is a blog post which does not talk about what its title suggests. Avoid straying away from the topic in-hand and be consistent about what the blog post aims to provide.

10. Finish strong

After taking care of the 9 suggestions mentioned above, the only thing you’re left with now is to find a way to conclude. Conclusions can be tricky, especially, when your blog post is a list of things; very similar to this one. If that’s the case then creating a separate conclusive paragraph would not be advisable. But if it’s a narration of an event or an experience, conclusion is vital. Remember, just like how the introductory paragraph helps the reader to get hooked on to your content, the conclusive paragraph brings them back for more and that is why, it’s one of the most important things to keep in mind while writing a blogpost.

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