Top 5 niches for a drop shipping business model

Over the last couple of years drop shipping statistics have maintained a steady rise when it comes to profit-making. Statistics from sites like eBay show that the top 10% of drop shippers earn on an average $7300 a month which amounts to more than $90000 a year. And that’s just the profit margin. So, it’s safe to say that drop shipping is still in vogue and extremely profitable. But what are the kinds of products that would be worth dealing in through this model of business? Here is a list of the top 5 niches to deal in, in order to rake in more profits.

1. Customized printed t-shirts/hoodies

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With an ever growing college-going student population, India is one of the safest bets to make when it comes to a commodity such as customized printed t-shirts. These t-shirts can range from the name of the college printed on the back to t-shirts dedicated to the themes of fests that colleges host all the time. This a niche in the drop shipping market which will never dry up.

2. Yoga products

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Being a generation which is growing incessantly more narcissistic and conscious about our appearance, yoga is a niche which sees an exponential growth in the future. Statistics show that the niche in drop shipping of yoga products will only grow and is a profitable venture. Yoga mats are the most common purchases made under this category. Furthermore, the lack of availability of yoga products in tier 2 and tier 3 cities is something which can be utilized for increase in the profit margins.

3. Skincare products

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Exploiting growing narcissistic tendencies even more, skincare products are guaranteed avenues of earning high margins for drop shippers. Statistics tell us a similar story. The skincare industry, which is already valued at around $135 billion is supposed to grow at a consistent rate of 4.4% till the year 2025. Certain products such as anti-aging products and facial creams are the most popular under this category and one of the top niches for drop shipping.

4. Headphones/Earphones

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Headphones and earphones belong to a niche which has no foreseeable limits as of now. This particular niche for drop shippers will only grow as it is, in itself, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Numbers tell us that this market, valued at approximately $20 billion, will grow at a pace of an astonishing 20% till 2027. This is guaranteed to be one of the top niches for drop shipping over the coming years and will have a high profit margin.

5. LED lamps/LED lighting

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One of the most sensible niches to place a bet on is the LED lamps market. It is sensible because of a couple factors. First is their efficiency which has been proven over time and the second factor is the niche’s steady growth. The market was valued at approximately $26 billion as of 2016 and is forecasted to grow at compound annual rate of 13% making it one of the top niches for drop shipping.

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