Top 5 ways to get traffic on your website

Websites have become the fulcrum of marketing dominance and if one does not manage to master the technique of not only garnering a good community base but also the technique to consistently gain more interactions, having a website would have close to no impact. So, here are the top five ways to increase website traffic and interactions.

1. Optimization of SEO

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This should always be rule number one when it comes to pulling in more traffic to your website. It is one of the most effective ways to pull traffic and that is why it is also the most common advice given to novices. If this is your first time creating and maintaining a website, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is designing your website in a certain way which would allow it to become a more preferable result whenever someone tries to search for the topic your website deals with. If you intend to establish permanent user in-flow and a consistent growth in terms of the number of people check your content, the SEO is your choice of option.

2. Long tail keywords

The second way just stems out from the point mentioned above. Once you start getting a hang of SEO, you’ll realize there are broadly short keywords and long tail keywords that you need to take care of. Most people make the mistake of ignoring long tail keywords because of its apparent specificity and narrow audience targeting power. This is a huge mistake and it is strongly advised to not to ignore this aspect of SEO. It is a fact that conversion rates through long term keywords are much higher which means, the traffic your website will pull through long tail keywords will have a higher chance of becoming permanent leads.

3. Roundup Posts

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Creating roundup posts is one of the most effective methods which is often not talked about. A roundup post has the ability to catapult your website to people’s attention really quickly and really effectively. Roundup posts are posts which aggregate experts’ opinions on a particular topic. This is effective because of the value people assign with an experts’ credentials which automatically, to a certain extent, is assigned to your website. Apart from an increase in your website’s credentials, it also amplifies your website’s reach as the experts’ names carry your websites reach. An expert roundup is one of the most underrated but one of the most effective ways to gain traffic for your website.

4. Interactions on forums

One more method of getting more people’s attention is to interact on forums. Forums such as Yahoo Answers, Quora and Reddit which are extremely popular when it comes to finding solutions/answers to their queries. This is the internet’s equivalent of your neighborhood grocery store owner helping you find the ‘right kind of shampoo’ but here, you’ll be interacting with potential content consumers who will in turn help you grow your website traffic as the answer won’t go anywhere. It will not only help you gain that one person’s attention but dozens if not hundreds of more people’s attention who would come to that forum to look for suggestions and ultimately, increasing website traffic and interactions.

5. On-screen share triggers

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Add convenient and on-screen share links which are also known as ‘share-triggers’. It is always easier to increase your website traffic if the people coming to your website find it easier to share the content on your website. It is a very subtle but a potent way to utilize people’s need for convenience for your own benefit. Having a ‘Share this on Facebook’ or a ‘Tweet this’ button on the side of the screen will not only make it easier for people to share your content but also encourage more people to do it which would as a result increase website traffic and interactions.

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