What is PCI Compliance? Why is it Important to My Business?

Stolen credit cards are being used more and more in the online commercial world today. The PCI Standards council has set the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance as a requirement. This makes it important for every online business in order to abide by a standard process while dealing with credit cards on the web. 

Why is PCI Compliance Important to Businesses?

PCI Compliance is essential for businesses in more ways than one:


The main objective of setting up PCI standards is to ensure a higher level of security at the time of payment card transactions. However, compliance has turned into a standard and a norm in the card processing industry today. When any business fails to comply with the standards set for each transaction, it can lead to PCI Compliance Fees from credit card companies or banks. This can be as much as amounting to thousands of dollars. In a few cases, credit card companies or banks can completely stop extending all these services to merchants. 

Security happens to be an important aspect of customer services that are rendered by any agency. Any merchant can be projected by PCI compliance as a business, which is serious about personal data protection and the security of customers. Basically, compliance with PCI and other data security standards can help businesses get more customers these days. When you are Compliant, you actually contribute to making the business environment far safer. It goes with the better interests of your business over the long term. 

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Industry Standard

These days, it is an industry norm to comply with PCI standards. This has turned into a good business practice. And it is used to make sure that quality levels can be relied upon by the customers. It can lower the risks that are related to the transactions of funds. Customers can experience comfort while transacting with agencies that match DSS standards even at the time of sharing personal details. 


PCI compliance is not only useful for customers. It can help credit card providers, financial institutions and banks gain more reputation and better recognition. PCI compliance, in simple terms, is more important for any online business these days – in order to get customers’ trust. It can ensure better relationship with financial agencies and avoid being fined by credit card providers and banks. 

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