Why is e-surveillance important?

Keeping in mind the purpose of effective surveillance. Businesses should aim to adhere to get the maximum return on investment that eventually they’ve made in their e-surveillance service. Here are the three most significant e-surveillance best practices today.

Remote monitoring

E-surveillance makes it possible for enterprises to monitor activities outside and inside of the office premises at the same time; regardless of the geographical locations. Viewing the video feed is really easy. The operators sitting in the central control room can keep an eye on the business activities throughout. Irrespective of the number of stores, sub-units, branches, etc. Having a remote video surveillance service in place allows businesses to provide instructions or issue notifications in real-time to the employees or guards in a different location. In case, of any suspicious actions, without being physically present at that location.

It saves money on hiring, transport, and enables easy decentralized management. Simply, strategically installing CCTV cameras across all branches, warehouses, and retail stores can benefit to gain business insights. It not only safeguards your commercial property and employees but also becomes a catalyst in managing your business operations.

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Around-the-clock live monitoring

Once you install e-surveillance at your office, you need to hire employees who can sincerely monitor the live video feed, 24×7. If you are compromising on the quality and consistency of live surveillance, you might get in trouble. Having a live monitoring team in place keeps a check on commercial properties around-the-clock. If they see some unexpected or suspicious actions, they immediately notify you on their smartphones. Besides, if video stops and there is some glitch. The live monitoring team will fix it in real-time. And ensure that you get consistent and quality live video surveillance.

Cloud storage

CCTV cameras generate a huge volume of video data regularly. To save this data and store it securely for a long has been a struggle for non-cloud surveillance companies. The legacy storage monitoring solutions were limited with hard drives. And every time the operators had to clear the data early to free up space for the following recorded video footage. With cloud storage monitoring, businesses can save more data.

If your acquired storage space in the cloud is filling up but the video footage is crucial and you don’t want to erase it, in that case, the cloud storage solution shows its flexibility to get more space at a low cost. Cloud storage solutions are flexible enough to save all your essential video footage data and you can keep them as long as required. Any day, it is better than purchasing an extra costly hard-drive and having the fear of footage getting stolen or corrupted, in case, of traditional storage monitoring methods.

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