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Why is YouTube marketing so important?

The most important quality to possess in order to be successful online is to have engaging content. This content can take any form of your liking or preference. However, in the digital age video-watching platforms are the networks to exploit. YouTube, which is undoubtedly the most popular video-watching platform in the world is the most appropriate place to start. The level of engagement you can accrue from YouTube is unimaginable and naturally, incredibly profitable. There is a reason why YouTube is a haven for small businesses and startups. This is because of the low amounts of investment and high returns. But how does it happen and why is YouTube marketing so important?

Organic growth

The YouTube algorithm is designed in a manner which pushes more traffic where there is more traffic. This amps up the importance of a viral video. It is very difficult to divert traffic on a particular topic from one popular video to another. What this means is that if you manage to gather a fairly decent number of views on your channel, this will automatically pull more traction. Traction on a YouTube video automatically has an impact on the organic results of search engines like Google. This way, you not only climb on top of the organic traffic results on YouTube but also occupy a better spot on other search engines.

This is extremely important because numbers show the importance of organic results over paid results. 70%-80% of the searchers ignore paid ads and paid links and prefer clicking on organic search results. Your content on YouTube can be extremely funny or can tap into a controversial trend that is popular right now. To know more about viral marketing, click here’.

Reach new audiences

This point stems out from the point mentioned above. YouTube’s demographic overwhelmingly consists of young adults aged 18-24. Truly taking advantage of the generation of online consumers, growth in organic results will help you reach new audiences and preferably to younger audiences. The easiest way to popularize your business online is to reach the youngest demographic of your consumer-group and YouTube provides you with the perfect platform to do so.

Another important factor to consider here is the integrated nature of YouTube with other social media platforms. A popular video on YouTube will not only garner more numbers on Google but its effects will spill over to Facebook and Twitter too.

Your space

Last but not the least, YouTube as a platform gives you the space and time to upload relevant content at your own pace. You own your channel and therefore you are completely in control of this major flow of traffic. It gives you the opportunity to upload whatever you think will be relevant for your audience and as a result, garner more attention.

Simply attaching a link on top of the video screen allows you to pull more attention. The act of attaching that link allows you a better chance to convert a lead. Add to that the credibility that your YouTube channel would offer to your business is astonishing which should answer the question, why is YouTube marketing so important.

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