WordPress vs Shopify vs Wix: which is better?

Choosing a platform for creating a website but don’t know what to pick? Confused between WordPress vs Shopify vs Wix? Well this is the most common dilemma that people face while building a website. Since all these platforms provide more or less the same services, it becomes difficult to distinguish. Here re some basic parameters you can keep in mind while making the choice:

Cost efficiency

Investment is a very important aspect while deciding upon a business. The same rule applies to the selection of website development platform. The cost efficiency of the three tools varies greatly and is substantially based on different grounds. Shopify has three major plans that have different rate cards and come with a a monthly and yearly subscription plan. The savings range for this can vary anywhere between 10% to 20% . WordPress on the other hand is free to use but definitely charges you for additional services like theme cost, plugin cost etc. These additional charges can sometimes sum up to a couple of hundred dollars. Wix offers a basic website builder for free. However it has its own downsides. The best value plans on Wix is the Unlimited plan ($12.50 / month), and if you want an eCommerce store, then you need the eCommerce plan ($16.50 / month).

User friendly

The interface of Shopify resembles more with the interface of a word document. This makes it easy even for the beginners to understand and use it. WordPress is a bit more complicated. A person would at least require some amount of Coding knowledge to make their website ecommerce ready. This makes it a little hard to learn and time consuming. As far as Wix is concerned, it provides a much easier drop down interface. Many beginners would find this feature a blessing as it saves them from dealing with code.

Ease of SOE

Digital marketing runs on the foundation of SOE. Search engine optimization is the most important aspect of ecommerce. The entire WordPress vs Shopify vs Wix can boil down to this one domain. Determining this is like answering the most important question in an exam. Shopify has one of the most well in-built SEO capabilities. On top of that one can install additional plugins to enhance their content further more. But in WordPress this plugins come at a cost. The most common plugin that WordPress uses is YOAST which comes at a price of  $69 for advanced features.

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